For over 21 years, PRO Kids has served children and youth in Thunder Bay when their families cannot afford the cost to register in community activities. Over that time, PRO Kids has made over 25,000 placements of children into local programs that include sports, arts and music. PRO Kids will be continuing its efforts with the launch of the Press Play Campaign—a fundraising initiative to support local families in the time of COVID-19.

“Recreation for kids has never been more important,” said Laura Daniele, PRO Kids Coordinator. “It provides kids an emotional outlet during these stressful times and it creates a time for healthy, physical activity. Our community has been on pause, and now that programs have started back up, it’s time to Press Play!”

Many arenas, gymnasiums, studios and pools have opened their doors allowing kids to create new experiences, develop skills, and reap the benefits of recreational programming. Not all families, however, can afford these activities leaving many children and youth at risk of missing out on these benefits. PRO Kids wants to ensure that all kids have equal access to recreation at this critical time.

“Growing up in my family we were lucky to be able to play whatever sport we wanted,” said Jordan Ball, Project Manager at White Pine Electric, who kicked off the campaign with a $5,000 donation. “I think sports and activity are very important for kids in our community. We are happy to give back and help kids that otherwise might not be able to have the opportunity to participate.” 

Individuals and local organizations are encouraged to support the Press Play Campaign from Nov. 1 – 12, and help local families in need. Donations can be made on the Pro Kids Thunderbay website or by calling 625-2351.

For more information, visit Pro Kids Thunderbay website.


Contact: Ally Drombolis, Customer Service & Marketing Coordinator, at 633-6800,

(Pictured: Cole Anderson, PRO Kids Board Member, is presented with a $5,000 donation to the PRO Kids Press Play Campaign by Jordan Ball, Project Manager - White Pine Electric.)