January 23, 2015 - With temperatures in Thunder Bay expected to remain warm over the next two days, City road crews will take the opportunity to clean up residential streets and remove water from road surfaces.

Temperatures, as well as forecasted rain, will melt snow and cause water to pool on road surfaces. City crews will be focusing on removing built-up snow along gutters shoulder areas, thereby clearing the way for water to run off the road surface.

This will prevent water from pooling on the road and re-freezing when temperatures drop.

Crews will also remove any loose snow that has built up on the driving surface.

In addition, sidewalk plows will clear softened snow from sidewalks in order to re-establish a firmly packed snow surface.

The work began at 8 am, Jan. 23, and is expected to continue through Jan 24, in various residential areas in Thunder Bay.

Crews will not remove snow from driveways during this period, as all resources will be utilized to deal with snow on road and sidewalk surfaces.

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Contact: Brad Adams, Manager - Roads Division, 684-2408