November 26, 2015 - The public is encouraged to attend an Open House on how to make getting around the city easier Tuesday, Dec. 1, From 6 pm to 8 pm at the Prince Arthur Hotel.

As outlined in Goal 13 (Premier visitor destination) of "˜Becoming Our Best', the 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan, a Wayfinding System Action Plan is being developed for Thunder Bay in partnership with Tourism Northern Ontario.

The Plan will be complete by spring 2016.

The City of Thunder Bay, in partnership with Tourism Northern Ontario, has retained the consulting firm Peter Smith and Associates to undertake a wayfinding development and implementation strategy as a pilot project in Northern Ontario. 

"A well-developed wayfinding plan will help to improve movement through our community for residents, as well as newcomers and visitors to our city," said Paul Pepe, Manager of Tourism.

"If people are able to find their way into and around our city easier, it increases the quality of the overall visitor experience and economic impact. We are looking for feedback from residents who travel around our city to assist the consultants in the development of the plan."

The purpose of the Open House is to educate community partners about the project and its purpose, to gather individual and group input.

Are there specific destinations that should be included in a wayfinding program that have not been in the past?  Are there existing wayfinding elements that should be rethought, routes that just do not work or would work better if they were routed by, for example, shopping districts?

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Contact:    Corey Anderson, Partnership Marketing Coordinator - Tourism Thunder Bay, 625-2149