As a result of the recent spring weather, ice conditions at the City’s outdoor rinks are deteriorating and some rinks have been closed for the season and some others are now “boot-only”.

The following rinks are closed:

  • Wilson Park rink
  • Third & High Park rink
  • Woodside Parkette pond
  • Anten Parkette pond
  • Picton Parkette pond
  • Waddington Park loop
  • Brent Park loop


The following rinks are boot-only:

  • James Street South rink
  • Minnesota Park rink


All other outdoor rinks currently remain open, including the rink at Prince Arthur’s Landing. City staff will continue to assess the ice conditions daily, as spring conditions change.

“As we get closer to summer, the ice at some of the rinks is softening and melting,” said Guy Walter, Acting Manager, Parks & Open Spaces. “Currently, many rinks remain open for those who want to get out and skate before the season is over.”

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Contact:       Guy Walter, Acting Manager – Parks & Open Spaces Section, 630-5485