We are currently seeking applications from individuals who wish to bring their extensive business and governance experience to the Tbaytel Board of Directors.

Board Directors Directors are responsible for contributing to the successful governance of Tbaytel and are active and voting members of the Board. Directors will attend all meetings of the Board and participate in decisionmaking with respect to the strategic direction and financial management of Tbaytel. In addition, Directors will ensure management of Tbaytel complies with all aspects of the Board’s governance policy. As representatives of Tbaytel, Directors contribute to a positive relationship with our customers, stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Applicants will view this position as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the economic growth of both Tbaytel and the community, and be prepared to devote time and effort to their respective roles on the board.

Qualifications The position of Director requires extensive professional business acumen demonstrated by experience in leadership roles. Tbaytel seeks Directors with: • Governance acumen • Knowledge and understanding of corporate board go vernance • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a team • Knowledge of and/or willingness to gain knowledge in the telecommunications industry • Legal knowledge/acumen • Previous board experience • Experience with mergers and aquisitions and senior management strategy • Knowledge of the regulatory environment • Branding, Sales and Marketing • Financial literacy and experience

These positions will be located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Apply with resume, covering letter and a list of references by Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Please forward all applications to:

John S. Hannam, City Clerk City of Thunder Bay, PO Box 800 Thunder Bay, ON P7C 5K4 c/o nkorcheski@thunderbay.ca