The demand for parking spaces at the Market Square parking lot at Prince Arthur’s Landing has led to a change in how long drivers can park their vehicles.

The free parking lot, adjacent to the CN Station and splash pad previously had no time limits. A three-hour limit will be put in place, effective immediately, to provide better access to Thunder Bay’s waterfront.

“This move provides better access to the waterfront for more people,” said Jonathan Paske, Supervisor – Parking Authority. “This time limit will encourage longer-term visitors to park in other lots at the waterfront, and maintain fair access for all users.”

Parking remains free in the Market Square lot, along with all other lots at the waterfront.

The change is posted on signs at the entrance to the Market Square lot.

Parking Authority officers will be enforcing the new rules effective immediately.

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Contact: Jonathan Paske, Supervisor – Parking Authority, 625-3491