July 31, 2015 - Cyclists and pedestrians using the Arundel Street Active Living Corridor will now have more separation from car and truck traffic thanks to an improved lane configuration. 

In May, City Council approved implementing Thunder Bay's first buffered bike lane and protected two-way multi-use trail on Arundel Street. The buffered bike lane is located on the north side of Arundel Street and can be identified by the double white line with diagonal hatch markings in it. 

"Most cities, where they have room, are installing buffered bike lanes," said Adam Krupper, Mobility Coordinator. "Buffered bike lanes make the lane more visible, put more space between the cyclist and traffic, and help cyclists feel a lot safer."

City Council also approved the first protected multi-use trail on the south side of Arundel Street. The protected multi-use trail has been widened from 2.5 metres to 3.2 metres, and now has a painted buffer (a double white line) separating it from motor-vehicle traffic. In late August, flexible posts called "˜bollards' will be installed in the buffer area, creating a physical barrier between traffic and users of the trail. The trail, which parallels the road, is to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

"This is a great location to build Thunder Bay's first buffered multi-use trail," Krupper said. "There are lots of families and seniors who want to access this area, with Boulevard Lake and the nearby trail system. The physical buffer zone really increases comfort for the user."

 "I'm proud to have Thunder Bay's first protected multi-use trail in my ward," said Current River Ward Councillor Andrew Foulds "We have a very active community here and I support initiatives like this that get more people out and enjoying this beautiful area. I look forward to trying it out with my family."

The Arundel Active Living Corridor will also be expanded to include Hudson Avenue once reconstruction is complete in August 2015. Hudson Avenue will have an extension of the buffered multi-use trail that ends at Huron Avenue. Bollards and new informational signage on Arundel Street will be installed in late August 2015.


Contact:  Adam Krupper, Mobility Coordinator, 625-2163, akrupper@thunderbay.ca