Thunder Bay’s fourth Pedestrian Crossover has been activated on James Street, near the Thunder Bay Kinsmen Centre.

Motorists and cyclists using James Street must now stop when a pedestrian is waiting to cross and the crossover lights start flashing. Crossovers make it easy, safe and convenient for people to cross the street.

“There are several advantages to installing pedestrian crossovers in high-traffic areas,” said Rick Harms – Project Engineer. “Crossovers are cheaper to implement than signalized intersections and only activate on demand. This is the first Pedestrian Crossover to cross four lanes of traffic.”

“We are really excited about the installation of the James Street Pedestrian Crossover,” said Sarah Smart, Program Supervisor – Children, Youth & Junior Inclusion Services. “It means that children, youth and families will be able to cross safely to access Youth Move programming at the Kinsmen Centre, the play equipment and programming that takes place at Northwood Playfields. We think it is a wonderful addition to this neighbourhood.”

To learn more about pedestrian crossovers, or to provide input on where you would like to see one, visit:

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Contact:       Rick Harms, Project Engineer – 625-3071