The Public Notice Period has ended for municipal and public response to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) on the proposed cannabis retail store (TOKE HOUSE - 320 ARUNDEL ST UNIT C. -File # 1103075) 

The City of Thunder Bay prepared a response to the AGCO based on the Council approved Siting of Cannabis Retail Stores Corporate Policy, however was unable to enter it into the system on time. Note, the municipality did not oppose this proposed location, and the response is available upon request for the public’s information.

The AGCO will provide the applicant (TOKE HOUSE) with copies of any submissions received within the required Public Notice time period. They will then have five days to provide a written response to the AGCO. The AGCO will consider all municipal and public responses as to why the proposed store is not in the public interest as set out in the regulation made under the Cannabis License Act, 2018. It will also take into consideration the applicants responses to written submissions.

The AGCO will make a decision to issue or refuse a Cannabis Retail Store Authorization and decision is final.

Further information is available upon request.