Water service to Mount Forest Blvd area has now been restored, after water service work in the area necessitated a shutdown of the water main feeding all services north of Hwy 61 west of Mount Forest Blvd, and west of and including Mountain Rd.

Residents in the area may notice discolouration of the water from their taps. If discolouration is present, residents are advised to complete the following steps:

1.      Do not open any HOT water taps.

2.      Open only one COLD water tap (a tap that does not have a water filter system attached to it) and allow the water to flow at a medium flow until the water runs clear.

3.      Once the single COLD water tap is running clear, open all other taps including HOT water taps and flush until all water runs clear.


Running cold water taps for five minutes should clear any discoloured water. If discolouration returns, please repeat steps 1-3. 

If the water does not clear after following the procedure above, residents can contact Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at 625-2195.

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Contact:          Adam Tempelman, Superintendent - Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection, 474-4814