March 16, 2016 - City roads crews are out in full force with the heavy snowfall that began around 12 pm today. City sanders began operations at approximately 12:30 pm, to combat slippery road conditions; however the intensity of the snow created slush and packed very quickly causing some slippery conditions.

The high speed roads (above 60 km/h) like Arthur Street, the Harbour Expressway, Oliver Road, Dawson Road and Dog Lake Road to name a few, were plowed first.

"By 2 pm, all graders and plowing equipment available were in operation as we had once chance to do what we could, focusing on main routes and sections of the North area with hills," said Brian Kral, Acting Manager - Roads. "I say one chance because all of our Operators have to be off the road by 6 pm, to get the mandatory eight hours of rest prior to the 2 am plow."

Full winter control plow operations will commence at 2 am, Thursday, March 17.  There will be no plows out between 6 pm and 2 am, unless required by authorized request for EMERGENCY vehicle access. Sanders will remain dispatched throughout the entire period. 

"City Road Crews know how important it is for citizens to get to where they want to go safely, and winter driving can be challenging because of snow and icy conditions," said Kral.

City Winter Control Standards:

When five cm of snow has accumulated:


  • Priority routes plowed and sanded
  • Priority routes include Harbour Expressway, Arthur St, Memorial Ave and Transit routes
  • Priority route clearing to be completed within seven hours of the end of a storm



  • Priority sidewalks will be plowed within 24 hours of the end of a storm
  • Priority sidewalks include those that run along major arteries, through downtown areas, school zones, government or privately operated senior facilities, or Transit routes
  • Within 72 hours residential sidewalk clearing will be completed
  • Pure salt will not be used on sidewalks

When 10 cm of snow has accumulated:

  • Non-priority routes (residential streets) will be plowed and sanded.
  • Streets will be cleared within 72 hours of the completion of priority route plowing.

Help Us Work Efficiently - Residents are reminded:

  • Be careful! Stay back when following a plow or sander. Give these large pieces of equipment extra room to maneuver. Do not pass. Turning a plow in an intersection often means the driver must back up while making the turn. For safety's sake - please stay back!
  • Be patient. Be assured that crews are working hard to keep roads open and safe.
  • Take your time when travelling to your destination. Winter weather can present some challenging driving conditions - slow down and remember to drive to road conditions.
  • Remember that calendar parking restrictions are enforced regardless of weather conditions. Be aware and follow the parking regulations for your street.

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 Contact:       Brian Kral,  Acting Manager - Roads, 625-2195