MARCH 21, 2020


WHEREAS, March 21st is World Syndrome Day. This day is to raise awareness of Down syndrome and to celebrate that every person is unique and different. We mark this day by wearing silly, colourful and/or mismatched socks; and

WHEREAS, People with Down syndrome make significant contributions to the fabric of life. They participate in the workplace, run their own businesses, take part in religious activities, create art, music and dance, excel in sports and recreation, and pursue studies in schools, colleges and universities; and

WHEREAS, There are an estimated 45,000 Canadians with Down syndrome according to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. It may be detected though prenatal testing or after birth through a blood test; and

WHEREAS, World Down Syndrome Day is recognized throughout Canada as a day to raise awareness of and celebrate the many accomplishments, contributions and talents people with Down syndrome bring to their communities.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Bill Mauro, Mayor of the City of Thunder Bay, do hereby proclaim March 21, 2020 as World Down Syndrome Day in the City of Thunder Bay.