MAY 3, 2022

WHEREAS, a healthy, professional news media is essential for the proper functioning of civil society and democracy at the local, regional, federal and international levels; and

WHEREAS, UNESCO has declared World Press Freedom Day as an annual observance each May 3rd; and

WHEREAS; communities across Canada have lost more than 250 established news outlets due to closings or mergers between 2008 and 2022; and

WHEREAS, Canada’s federal government acknowledged in its 2019 budget that “A strong and independent news media is crucial to a well-functioning democracy”; and

WHEREAS, at least 29 municipalities – home to roughly 13 million people in nine provinces across Canada – have passed motions voicing support for journalism in aid of democracy.

NOW THEREFORE, I, the Mayor of the City of Thunder Bay, do hereby proclaim May 3, 2022 as World Press Freedom Day in the City of Thunder Bay.


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