The Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) guides decisions on the use of alcohol at events in City facilities, parks and open spaces. Under the Liquor Licence Act, the City is authorized to recommend to the AGCO permission for applicants to have alcohol at designated City facilities, parks and open spaces. 

Revisions to the MAP

The existing policy is being revised and will be presented to Council on April 12, 2021 for approval. If approved, implementation will roll-out over the next month to assist event organizers in minimizing risk associated with alcohol at events. 

Special Occasion Permits

Special Occasion Permits (SOPs) allow the sale and service of alcohol for special occasions and are administered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The City must recommend permission for an event organizer to host an event with alcohol on City property prior to an SOP being issued.

For outdoor public events, applicants requesting an SOP must provide the following notification to both the City and AGCO:

  • 30 days notice, if fewer than 5,000 attendance
  • 60 days notice, if greater than 5,000 attendance

Event hosting resources - coming soon!

Stay tuned to this website for updates, including a new guide to hosting events with alcohol on City property, list of designated facilities, signage templates, and more!

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