Mayor Gordon Carson sitting for a black and white photo wearing a suitEdward Gordon Carson was born in Fort William in 1911 or 1912. He worked for Famous Players for well over 40 years, and owned the Fort William Theatre located in Westfort. In his earlier days, Carson also worked as both Manager and Assistant Manager at the Royal Colonial, Lyceum, and Capital Theatres, all in Fort William. Carson also founded the School of the Air at the Royal Theatre, where local musicians would showcase their talents.

Carson served as a Councillor for seven years before being elected Mayor of Fort William in 1953. This first election was considered a major upset, as he defeated incumbent Mayor Hubert Badanai in a close race. Badanai would unseat Carson again in the 1955 election. Carson also worked in provincial elections, and was a returning officer throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Born: 1911 or 1912 in Fort William, Ontario

Died: 1999 in White Rock, British Columbia at the age of 87

Councillor: 1946-1952, 1962-1963

Mayor: 1953-1954

Mayoral Candidate: 1955, 1961


Previous Mayor: Mayor Hubert Badanai

Next Mayor: Mayor Catherine Seppala


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