Mayor Clavet sitting wearing a suit and has a white moustacheGeorge Onésime Philémon Clavet moved to Silver Islet from Quebec in 1871 when he accepted a position at a grocery store as a clerk. In 1875, he moved to Prince Arthur's Landing to establish his own store on South Water Street.

When Clavet ran for a position on the 1881-1882 Shuniah Council, he did not receive any votes. However, he was appointed Councillor for the Island Ward, as the two candidates running in that ward did not receive any votes either. He served from Sept. 1, 1881, until 1885.

In 1900, when Mayor George Hugh Macdonell left Port Arthur to fulfill other obligations in Manitoba, Clavet acted as Mayor for all intents and purposes. It was not until 1903 that Clavet was actually elected Mayor. During his four years in office he proved to be very popular with the public.

One of the challenges Clavet faced as Mayor was making sure that Port Arthur had a suitable water supply and sewage system. Thanks to his efforts, Port Arthur saw water flow through the city in September 1904. He also distinguished himself as a notable opponent of local brothels in 1903.

Clavet had a large hand in shaping the City of Port Arthur Act as well as other legislation, and was the first Mayor of the new City of Port Arthur in 1907. During this period, he acquired land for the City from the Province, such as Reserve A and Waverly Park, and sought negotiations with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the Federal Government to extend the boundaries of the breakwater. Clavet Street was named in his honour.

Born: August 29, 1843 (or 1845) in St. Michel de Bellechasse, Quebec

Died: July 11, 1909 in Port Arthur, Ontario

Councillor: Shuniah Councillor 1881(September)-1885, Port Arthur Councillor 1900, 1902

Mayoral Candidate: 1899, 1901

Mayor: 1903-1904, 1906-1907


Previous Mayor: Mayor Isaac Lamont Matthews

Next Mayor: Mayor Richard Vigars


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