Mayor Dyke sitting for his official painting wearing a suit and tie and has a blonde moustacheJoshua Dyke, a Methodist Minister, came to Canada in 1871 from England and worked in various towns in Ontario and the Northwest. Upon settling in Fort William, he founded Wesley Methodist Church on Brodie Street. Dyke, however, began losing his voice which made it extremely difficult for him to speak publicly. He left his post as Minister and began a career in business.

During his two-year tenure as Mayor, Dyke founded a municipal telephone system and secured both the Copp Foundry and Vickers Park for the city. In March 1903, during Dyke’s second term as Mayor, Fort William’s first town hall burnt to the ground.

Although Dyke had put his name forward for the 1909 Mayoral contest, he suffered a stroke in December 1908, and withdrew from the race.

Born: September 15, 1849, in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Died: August 11, 1934, in Fort William, Ontario at age 84

Councillor: 1901

Mayor: 1902-1903

Mayoral Candidate: 1909


Previous Mayor: Mayor William Frederick Hogarth

Next Mayor: Mayor Clarence Hugh Jackson


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