As outlined in The City of Thunder Bay's Public Tree By-law, either intentionally or accidentally damaging a publicly-owned tree constitutes an offence.

Tree Protection

Citizens and any contractors employed by the public or The City of Thunder Bay are responsible for implementing our Tree Protection Standards and Specifications. This ensures protection of existing trees inside and adjacent to construction zones. No additional compensation will be paid for the protection of trees in the work zone; this practise is expected and is discussed in pre-construction meetings. Unannounced and random inspections will take place for city contracts where trees have been identified as being within the work-zone.

The below image is an example of a typical tree protection installation. This may vary depending on the type of work, size of tree, number of trees, or contract specifics. If you have questions, please contact

Image showing typical tree protection materials used around the drip line of a tree in a construction zone.



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