Public Meeting Notice: Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment at 1530 Golf Links Rd

Posted On Monday May 27, 2019
Key Map
Key Map

The Public is invited to attend a Public Meeting, which City Council will be holding on:

Monday, June 17, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall

500 Donald Street East 

to consider the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment at 1530 Golf Links Road.

Purpose of Meeting:

  • For the applicant to present the proposal
  • For interested parties to express their opinion about the proposal
  • For community input to be used to evaluate the proposal

Purpose and Effect of Proposal

The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law amendment is to:

  1. Rezone the property to the “NC3” – Neighbourhood Centre Zone
  2. Define the following terms as follows:
    1. A “shopping centre” is a place, other than a mixed use building, where 3 or more uses permitted in the applicable zone, are located together for their mutual benefit
    2. A “drugstore” is retail outlet which among other things sells pharmaceutical supplies and associated sundry items
  3. Expand the list of permitted uses to include uses permitted in Section 18.1(d) of the Zoning By-law, as well as “drugstore” as defined above
  4. Set the minimum landscaped open space to 20% of lot area, including a 3.0m wide strip along all lot lines and a 6.0m wide strip along all lot lines abutting the street line
  5. Establish a maximum height of 12 metres for a building located within 40 metres of the front lot line
  6. Establish a maximum height of 15 metres for a building located beyond 40 metres of the front lot line
  7. In the case of an apartment dwelling:
    1. Establish a maximum number of three buildings
    2. Establish a maximum number of 120 total dwelling units
  8. Allow more than one main use on a lot
  9. Require a privacy screen with a height of 1.6 metres along the north interior lot line only
  10. Establish any other related development parameters

The effect of this amendment would be to permit the construction of three standalone apartment buildings and a shopping centre with three or more commercial units with site-specific development parameters.

The applicant’s site plan and a key map of the subject lands have been provided.

Additional Information

The Corporate Report and Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment that will be considered at the public meeting will be made available for viewing on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at the Planning Services Division, Development Services Office, 2nd Floor of Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 S. Syndicate Ave. between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and online here.

For more information about this matter including information about appeal rightsor if you require accessible accommodations or materials, please contact J. Fazio at (807) 625-2704 or

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