Proposed Zoning Amendment at 941 Simpson Street

Posted On Thursday January 30, 2020
Key Map
Key Map

The Planning Services Division would like your comments on a proposal to:

  • Add “Home Improvement Store” and “Commercial School” as permitted uses on the subject property.
  • Establish any other related development parameters.

at 941 Simpson Street.

Your comments will be used to prepare a recommendation to City Council.  All comments received will become public information. This means that any information provided in written submissions, including names and contact information, will become part of the public record.

You should submit your comments no later than February 20th 2020, quoting Z-01-2020.  Copies of all letters will be forwarded to City Council and to the applicant. 


Currently existing on the property is a 534 square metre commercial building. Surrounding land uses are primarily residential.


The Applicant has applied to amend the Zoning By-law to add HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE and COMMERCIAL SCHOOL as permitted uses on the subject property.

The applicant’s site plan is attached for your review.

Purpose and Effect of Proposal

The purpose of the proposed amendment is to amend the Zoning By-law as it relates to 941 Simpson Street. The proposed amendment would:

  • Add HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE and COMMERCIAL SCHOOL as permitted uses on the property.
  • Establish any other development related proposals.

The effect of this amendment would be to legalize the existing commercial uses on the subject property.  

Additional Information

For more information about this matter including information about appeal rightsor if you require accessible accommodations or materials, please contact Jamie Kirychuk at (807) 625-2543 or

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