Proposed Plan of Subdivision and Zoning Amendment at 1811 Mountain Road

Posted On Wednesday August 12, 2020
Draft Plan of Subdivision
Draft Plan of Subdivision

The Planning Services Division would like your comments on a proposal to:

  • Rezone the lands and reduce the required lot size for the lots within the proposed plan of subdivision (Z-09-2020)
  • The creation of a residential plan of subdivision comprised of 69 lots (58T-00501)

at 1811 Mountain Road

You should submit your comments to  no later than September 11th, 2020, quoting both file numbers 58T-00501 and Z-09-2020. Copies of all letters will be forwarded to City Council and to the applicant.  Your comments will be used to prepare a recommendation to City Council.  All comments received will become public information. This means that any information provided in written submissions, including names and contact information, will become part of the public record.

Shore Bay Estates Limited has applied for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision and a Zoning By-law Amendment at 1811 Mountain Road being Part of Lots 17 and 18, Concession 3 SKR, which is located between Mountain Road and Highway, as shown on the map included with this notice.

Plan of Subdivision (58T-00501):

The applicant wishes to create a plan of subdivision for developing single detached dwellings and several new streets with access to both Mountain Road and Highway 61.

Zoning By-law (Z-09-2020):

The lands are located in the Rural Settlement Area land use designation in the Official Plan and located in the "R1" – Residential Zone One and the "R5" – Future Residential Zone. The Zoning By-law Amendment would rezone the "R5" Zone portion to the "R1" Zone and amend the minimum lot area and frontage from 10,000m² and 60.0 metres to 2,100m² and 30.0 metres to facilitate the creation of the proposed plan of subdivision.

Development Scheme:

The proposed plan of subdivision would be comprised of 69 lots for single detached dwellings all to be connected to City water services and individual private septic systems. The Plan of Subdivision is designed around the Mosquito Creek watercourse which is located in the "EP" – Environmental Protection Zone with an associated Environmental Overlay.

Additional Information

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