Heritage Advisory Committee Urges Preservation of Hoito’s Heritage

Posted On Thursday May 21, 2020

Thunder Bay’s Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is urging the Board for the Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay to consider the retention and long term protection of artifacts contained within the Finnish Labour Temple property, 314 Bay Street. HAC urges the Board to ensure preservation of these artifacts as part of its inherent duty towards the protection of the history of the Finnish Labour Temple and the organizations within it, as well as the Finnish-Canadian culture within the region.

In a letter sent on May 20, to the Finlandia Association Board HAC Chair Andrew Cotter invites the association to contact the Heritage Advisory Committee to discuss this matter further. HAC advises Council with respect to the properties on the Municipal Heritage Register and meets with property owners on matters of heritage preservation.

“The Ontario Heritage Act provides heritage designated properties protection against alteration to their heritage features,” said Andrew Cotter, Chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee. “The Finnish Labour Temple is one of Thunder Bay’s gems. Not only is it designated municipally, it is also designated nationally.”

Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is the highest form of protection possible for a property.

“The designation recognizes its cultural importance as well as its physical heritage,” said Matt Szybalski, City Archivist and Chief Resource Officer of HAC. “It is the CN Tower of Thunder Bay – the first stop when showing visitors the best of the city.”

The Heritage Advisory Committee advises City Council on the protection of Thunder Bay’s built, natural, and cultural heritage. The Committee educates and promotes awareness of this heritage, so that future planning and development takes into consideration the rich history of these assets.

To learn more about the Heritage Advisory Committee visit www.thunderbay.ca/HAC. To discover the properties on Thunder Bay’s heritage register visit www.thunderbay.ca/HeritageProperties.

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Matt Szybalski, City Archives, 630-2381, mszybalski@thunderbay.ca  
Andrew Cotter, Chair Heritage Advisory Committee, 626-3870, andrew.cotter@infrastructureontario.ca


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