Chapples Golf Course Celebrates 70 Years in Our Community

Posted On Tuesday July 16, 2019

On July 16, 1949, Chapples Golf Course officially opened in the City of Fort William. In recognition of this 70 year milestone, a commemorative ceremony was held at Chapples on Tuesday, July 16, which included a historical unveiling, the installation of a new Clement E. Chapple Pollinator Flower Bed, and a symbolic tee-off.

The symbolic tee shot was taken by local golfers Tony Stokaluk and Jackie Palmer accompanied by Mayor Bill Mauro. The tee shot recreated the first shot on the course in 1949 taken by Mr. Paul Stokaluk (father of Tony Stokaluk) and Mr. Ernie Palmer (father of Jackie Palmer), who at the time were local golf Pros at Municipal Golf Course and Fort William Country Club.

The event also celebrated the founding of Chapples with recognition of the newly installed Clement E. Chapple Pollinator Flower Bed located in front of the Club House. The flower bed, created in honour of Mr. Chapple, adds natural beauty to the Chapples facility and supports the local bee population.

A new historical display was installed in the Pro Shop at Chapples Club House. The display features Mr. Clement E. Chapple, founder of the course, who had a vision for a recreation facility within the center of town. His donation of $25,000 was the instigator to get the project started. Bill Babe and Cynthia Chapple, grandson and granddaughter of Mr. Chapple, accompanied by family, was in attendance at the event to help celebrate his legacy.

“During our historical research, we uncovered details and blue prints for the Chapples golf course design that were submitted by renowned architect Stanley Thompson in 1947,” said Pat Berezowski, Supervisor Golf Operations. “At that time, City officials approved the construction of a 9 hole design. This original blue print, according to those who study Stanley Thompson history, is a significant historical document, like having the Holy Grail. When improvements are made to the course in years to come, we will refer back to the original drawings to respect the vision for the course and stay true to its historical routes.”

The historical display, including the original Stanley Thompson blue prints, will be on permanent display at the Chapples Club House. Residents are invited to visit the centre and read about the unique history behind Chapples golf course.

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