The City of Thunder Bay is once again extending its city patio program during 2023 allowing businesses to extend dining areas outdoors on City sidewalks, within parking lanes and privately owned parking lots .

All temporary patios must comply with public health directives, building codes, zoning by-laws and all applicable Federal & Provincial food safety laws. 

City Staff are available to help and can be reached at 807-625-2527 or 807-625-2991.

Please Note: This temporary patio process is currently in effect for the 2023 patio season only, ending September 30, 2023. The deadline to apply for a patio within a City street (parking lane) is May 5th, 2023.  Businesses without the required equipment to create their own patio, such as traffic barriers, curb stops and traffic cones, may be able to loan them from the City, pending availability and payment for delivery and pick up.


Effective on January 1, 2023 as directed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO):

  • Most liquor sales licensees and manufacturers that hold a by-the-glass endorsement who want to extend their existing liquor licence for the purpose of operating a temporary patio will need municipal approval
  • Upon obtaining an approval from a municipality, you are required to then notify the AGCO by making a submission on the iAGCO portal before selling or serving liquor on your temporary patio (see Notifying the AGCO of an Approved Temporary Patio)


Interested parties are invited to submit one of the following:

Temporary patios located on private land:

Temporary patios located on city land:

Street closure proposals

Street closure applications are to be submitted by the local Business Improvement Area or Business Association organizations only.  Please contact 807-625-2527 for more information.

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