We invite you to find out when building inspections are required and request an appointment. On this page you can:

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Find out when inspections are required

Inspections are required throughout the building process. The number and timing of inspections varies depending on the project.

New detached homes

Building inspections are required throughout the building process.

Find out how to contact an inspector when ready.

Building inspections

A number of building inspections are required, including inspections for footings, prior to a basement pour, after framing, after installing insulation, vapour barrier, fire separations and any fireplaces. Final inspections are also required before occupancy.

Plumbing inspections

Plumbing inspections are required before the lot is backfilled after a sewage system is installed, along with the substantial completeness of the plumbing system, and before occupancy.

Download information sheet

Download new detached homes information sheet


Small residential projects

A single final inspection is typically required for small residential projects.

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Accessory buildings

An inspection is required when a building is structurally complete, including the walls and framing, roof shingled, doors are in place and an exterior finish is applied.


An inspection is required after the deck is structurally complete, including all handrails and guards/guardrails.

Pool fences

An inspection is required when the fence and gates have been built. Note: the pool cannot be filled with water until the inspection is complete and final.

Solid fuel burning appliances

Three inspections are required, including the chimney chase inspection (framing/insulation/vapour barrier must be inspected before covering), the appliance and chimney rough-in (components must be visible), and a final inspection.

Sump pits

An inspection is required when work is complete.

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Download small residential projects information sheet

Commercial and all other projects 

Inspections are required at a number of stages for the construction of a commercial building, or other large projects.

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Commercial projects

Commercial projects are buildings that fall under Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code. The building is larger than three storeys in height, more than 600m2 (6458 sq.ft.) or a smaller building with a care of assembly (restaurant, church, etc.)

All other projects

All other projects that are not residential fall under the requirements for a Commercial Inspection. Approximately 19 inspections are required throughout the building process.

Download information sheet

Download commercial and other projects information sheet

Check inspection fees

Fees for building and plumbing inspections are included as part of the Building Permit fees. The current fee schedule provides a list of the current Building Permit fees, along with any additional fees for additional inspections.

Contact an inspector

Building and Plumbing Inspectors provide inspection services Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please contact the inspector you require, dependent on the location of the inspection. Inspectors will reply to your request as soon as possible, and book your project in for an inspection based on availability and location. Senior inspectors provide inspections for large building projects, and Supervisors are available to respond to inspection issues. Call 807-625-2574 or use an email below.

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