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Town hall on economic recovery - May 12, 2020

On May 12, Mayor Bill Mauro and Eric Zakrewski, Chief Executive Officer of the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission, answered resident’s questions about economic recovery in Thunder Bay, re-opening the economy, and how the City can help businesses in these unprecedented times.

Watch the recorded town hall video and read our most frequently asked questions grouped by subject from the town hall. *All responses are as of the date of the town hall: May 12, 2020. For the most up-to-date information on City Services during COVID-19 visit the A-Z Service Directory.

Building and construction

We have a completed building permit from the city, and are wondering when building restrictions will be lifted and when can we start digging?

That’s a question a lot of people are asking, however, it is not in our control. It falls under the Province’s purview. The provincial order O. Reg. 82/20 as amended, restricts construction to projects specifically listed in the regulation.

Although Building Services is continuing to issue building permits, the permit holder remains subject to all restrictions under the law.

Currently excavations can commence for a single family dwelling, but construction cannot. Essentially, they can dig the hole but that is as far as they can go.


Business grants
Is it still possible to apply for grants to start a business or expand my existing one?

Yes, the CEDC’s Starter Company Program is still active and accepting applications, as well Provincial and Federal programs are still open and accepting applications (i.e. NOHFC and FEDNOR). CEDC Development Officers are ready to assist anyone with questions on these programs and help guide you through the process as quickly as possible.  


Economic recovery (general questions)
What are the critical factors for our local economy that the CEDC and Council can work on in order to rejuvenate our economy?

The CEDC has continued to support all businesses in Thunder Bay – from Bombardier to small business entrepreneurs working out of their garage and selling through the Internet. CEDC takes an average of about 100 calls a week from various businesses and industries. They work with all the mining companies in the region on a day-to-day basis regarding what is happening in their sectors. They monitor the sectors, working with the province, and monitor federal government for coming sector changes.

Behind the scence, the CEDC is helping businesses prepare. They are helping them ready for when they are allowed to operate including having the right protection for their staff, and for customers if they're in retail for food and beverage. The CEDC is helping them navigate some of those uncertain waters. The CEDC is also launching aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns, targeting tourism as one of the early hard hit sectors.


Does the CEDC have a plan for economic recovery in Thunder Bay? What is it?

The CEDC is focusing on supporting and educating business in Thunder Bay as new information is released daily. 

Focusing on community safety as a priority. They have weekly sessions to answer questions from business every Tuesday and Friday through our Entrepreneur Centre live on Skype.

The CEDC is focusing on supporting a safe return, however, this will take time. The CEDC is here to support every business in making the right decision to open their doors. They invited businesses to reach out and contact them for assistance and guidance.


What are the things that make you optimistic about our City’s economic future?

The City of Thunder Bay has a strong foundation in terms of the capacity and ability to weather this storm. The growth in the knowledge based sector makes the city much better positioned than eight or ten years ago. The foundational pieces to the city's economy also include the college, the university, the hospital, public sector and more.         

One of the CEDC's goal is to attract new people to the community, and the work is continuing. The college and the university are doing great work in attracting international students to both their institutions. Many of those young men and women that come to Thunder Bay love it here and want to stay. Affordability in Thunder Bay is another key component of this. Thunder Bay is also a regional hub, and that leads to strength in a variety of different sectors. The airport, up until this pandemic, was a very strong employer in Thunder Bay and was doing great work. That sector was growing significantly. The Port Authority is also doing well.

The primary resource sector in Thunder Bay is still relatively strong, including mining and forestry. Bombardier is always looking at work that can help the community to grow.


Health, safety, and rules

Does the City have rules for reopening my business?

The City is following the guidelines set by the province as the emergency order is active. We will watch how retail curbside pick-up and the recent provincial easing of restrictions affects new COVID cases, and support our City Administration in their efforts to plank the curve in Thunder Bay.


As the economy opens up back to normalcy, the threat of coronavirus is still there until a vaccine is introduced. Will wearing face masks while in public places and keeping social distancing be made mandatory?

The Ontario government works closely with four provincial health and safety associations (HSAs) to help set, communicate and enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, the HSAs have released a series of more than 50 technical sector guidance documents to further support employers and employees in remaining safe in the workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The same standards as they relate to physical distancing are being keep in place at this time. Face masks are not a requirement at this point in time but may be recommended in the various technical sector documents.


What impact has COVID-19 had on NWO mines?

Three mines are on care and maintenance (Lac des Iles, Musselwhite and Harte Gold-Sugar Zone Mine). Multi-stage reopening strategies will start soon for these mines, enforcing strict health and safety protocols. Reopening is forecast within four-six weeks.

New Gold - Rainy River Mine, Evolution - Red Lake Mine, and Barrick-Hemlo Mine, are open with strict monitoring and health and safety practices in place.

Small businesses in Thunder Bay, which total 400 businesses in the mining space, have temporarily slowed with the shutdowns because of COVID-19, but are anticipated to be vibrant and strong from mid-summer onwards as all the mines return to full production.



Thunder Bay had a vibrant restaurant scene prior to covid-19. Will local restaurants survive, and what can we do to help?  

The restrictions placed on restaurants under COVID-19 have had an immense impact. They were the first sector to have to cut or reduce staff and some have struggled with pivoting to new ways to do business. The story is not all bad however; most local restaurants have displayed tremendous courage and ingenuity to keep their doors open and continue to stay in business. We’ve seen the more innovative local establishments pivot to online ordering systems on the fly, curbside pick-up, and of course, higher volumes of take out and delivery. These types of measures have been the key to surviving the economic shut-down for this industry.

Coming out of COVID; once owners are provided the parameters for operations by the Province, it will be key that locals get out as they are comfortable and enjoy some meals at restaurants to help them re-hire their serving and kitchen staff as quickly as possible and ramp back up to profitable operation. This sector needs the people of Thunder Bay and surrounding region more than ever.



I understand that the tourism sector has been particularly hard hit by both travel restrictions and isolation mandates.  What will tourism recovery look like in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario going forward?

Tourism Recovery will be gradual and take up to three years to fully return to 2019 volumes. Thunder Bay is fortunate to have a diversified visitor base. While traditional outdoor and touring leisure segments will see a gradual return, the mining, health and regional communities are all travel sectors that will provide us an economic visitor recovery that we anticipate will be quicker than the national average. 

Research shows people will be staying closer to home in 2020. We anticipate regional visitors to be the first to return, followed by Ontario and Manitoba. Once borders re-open, we anticipate slow recovery from the US, starting with northern Minnesota travelers first. The broader US and overseas markets will be the last to recover.


What can we do locally to support the return of tourism to Thunder Bay, and what plans does the CEDC have to help promote recovery of the industry?

Local residents will be critical to supporting the recovery of our tourism industry by planning T-Bay-Cations and re-discovering their own city’s attractions, restaurants and other experiences. Tourism Thunder Bay will be undertaking campaigns to reconnect locals and regional visitors with our community’s attractions and culinary experiences this spring and summer.

Tourism Thunder Bay is currently developing marketing and media relations strategies targeting best recovery markets as well as recovering sport and convention event business over the next 24 months.


What role can sport tourism events like the Special Olympics and Scotties tournament play in rebuilding the local economy?

Sports tourism and other major event hosting plays a significant role in our local economy. The City, various organizations and individuals work very hard at attracting major events. It will be more important than ever to find ways to support those who are looking to attract events. This will be building on something that we are very good at as a City. 

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts could not come at a better time for Thunder Bay than in 2021. This event draws in thousands of attendees and spectators to the city for over a week. Given our rich curling heritage and the opportunity to show case our city and all of it’s attractions including restaurants, breweries, hotels, and tourist attractions, we have estimated this event will create over $7M in economic impact on the city; as well as long-term earned media value for years afterward given Thunder Bay will be featured on North American Sports Televisions stations such as TSN and ESPN for over 90 hours of coverage and local promotional programming designed by the CEDC.



I’ve heard unemployment numbers across Canada have hit all time highs?  What is the situation in Thunder Bay?

The Thunder Bay economy has been somewhat cushioned by the COVID impact because our top employers are mainly public sector employers who are still working. For example Thunder Bay Regional Hospital and Science Centre and St .Joseph’s Care Group employ over 5,000 people alone.  


Could the City relax some of the zoning restrictions on development in Innova Park now, allowing for more commercial development outside of the current zoning?

The City has two significant projects currently underway that will help to guide the commercial and industrial development that will be so important to the City’s economic recovery.

The Employment Land Strategy being led by the CEDC is examining the current supply of commercial and industrial land, identifying future need, and evaluating an appropriate mix of land uses, particularly within Innova Park. The recommendations of the study will guide City Council in making strategic decisions that will give the City a competitive advantage, and position it to respond quickly to anticipated demand. It is expected that the Strategy will be complete by the end of next month.

In addition, Planning Services is currently reviewing and updating the City’s Zoning By-law so that it provides for development that is consistent with the City’s new Official Plan, which was approved last year. The new By-law will incorporate the recommendations of the Land Strategy and will introduce regulations to provide businesses with more flexibility. Public consultations on the new Zoning By-law are scheduled for this Fall.


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Mayor's virtual town hall - April 21, 2020

On April 21, Mayor Bill Mauro and Dr. Janet DeMille, Medical Officer of Health, answered resident’s questions about the City's response to COVID-19 and health related questions.

Watch the recorded town hall video and read the City's most frequently asked questions from the town hall grouped by subject below. *All responses are as of the date of the town hall: April 21, 2020. For the most up-to-date information on City Services during COVID-19 visit the A-Z Service Directory. For answers to health questions, visit


What is being done to protect passengers? For example how is the City addressing social distancing on the bus?

All passengers are remind to do their part by travelling only when needed – limit travel to essential trips only. Passenger levels are closely monitored and additional buses are deployed on busier routes on a daily basis.  Every effort is being made to keep buses at half seated loads/approximately no more than 15 people on a bus at any one time. Aside from the odd exception on a few routes, that is being achieved. When physical distancing may be challenging or not possible when using public transit, riders should consider waiting for the next bus, using a face covering (i.e. non-medical mask, such as a cloth mask or bandana) or plan to travel at a less busy time.

Transit terminal buildings are also closed to minimize gathering.


What cleaning is taking place on buses?

An enhanced cleaning process is in effect to ensure a thorough, daily cleaning of all buses. Disinfecting measures include wiping down all hard surface common touch points, including stanchions, stop request buttons, hand grabs, and more.


What is being done to protect drivers?

Customers must board and exit from the rear doors only, except those who require the kneeling ramp for accessible purposes. Fare payment has been temporarily suspended. Seating directly behind the operator’s compartment has been placed out of service. Passengers are asked not to approach transit drivers and temporary barriers have been installed to keep passengers at a safe distance from the driver. Transit drivers are permitted to wear supplied face masks and have received individual bottles of hand sanitizer for personal use on the job.  



Are City cemeteries closed? 

The City’s Mountain View and St. Patrick’s Cemeteries are open to the public. Individuals visiting the cemeteries must maintain the safe physical distance of at least two metres apart from others. Visitors cannot use the amenities within the cemeteries including benches until the Provincial Declaration of Emergency is lifted. Visitors are also prohibited from using the water taps to help protect the health and safety of visitors and staff. There is no way to ensure the taps are properly disinfected prior to them being used.

By Provincial Order, funeral services will still be limited to a maximum of 10 attendees, including clergy. Visitors to the cemetery are asked to be respectful and not approach funeral services.

Cemeteries are open to the public daily, a half hour before dawn to a half hour before dusk, year round.

The Administration building access is by appointment only. For appointments call: 625-3014 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm).   While maintaining the required distance and using gloves, can you use the taps and benches in the cemetery?

Visitors cannot use the amenities within the cemeteries including benches until the Provincial Declaration of Emergency is lifted. This is for the health protection of visitors and staff.  


While maintaining the required distance and using gloves, can you use the taps and benches in the cemetery?

Visitors cannot use the amenities within the cemeteries including benches until the Provincial Declaration of Emergency is lifted. This is for the health protection of visitors and staff.  


Economic recovery

 *See the town hall held May 12 focused on economic recovery


What is our Mayor and Council doing now to ensure our small business sector and entrepreneurs: (1) survive; and (2) thrive in a recovery?

The City of Thunder Bay recognizes the impact that the COVID-19 Pandemic will have on small businesses and entrepreneurs. City Council and Administration have had many discussions, and have made and continue to make decisions to help alleviate the financial pressures. At the City Council Meeting on March 30, Council approved:

  • Deferring the May 6 property tax installment deadline to July 8
  • Having an additional 90 days to pay water bills
  • Extending the application deadline for Tax and Water Credit Programs until Sept. 1
  • Postponing all arrears and collections until Sept. 30
  • Extending the payment period for City invoices to 90 days
  • Waiving the fees Business Permits and License Fees for 3 months
  • Reducing the Sign Permit fees by 25% for 1 year

The City continue to work the Chamber of Commerce and the Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) to plan for the future, including a post-pandemic plan.

The Provincial and Federal Governments also have programs in place to help support small businesses and entrepreneurs.


If Premier Ford decides to extend the May 12 deadline, will our Mayor consider opening businesses in Thunder Bay? Social distancing is much easier here than in Toronto.

The Mayor does not have the authority to open businesses in Thunder Bay.  The opening up of our economy is a decision that will be made by the Provincial Government based on the advice of health care professionals.  


Emergency declaration

What does it mean if the City declares an Emergency?

This declaration does give some new authorities the Mayor. Those added authorities are minimal and are not the reason for the declaration.

The Province has declared a Provincial Emergency under their legislation, the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. That Declaration will be in effect until May 12. It is under this declaration that the province has made a number of provincial orders.

Late last week the province announced an order allowing municipalities to redeploy staff as they deem necessary to maintain provision of critical and essential services.

This in effect means that City management could take reasonable measures to move staff from one workplace to another as necessary, notwithstanding existing collective agreements.

However, for the Provincial Order to take effect, the province required the City to first declare an emergency. Recently, a new screening protocol was put in place based on the province’s update of its COVID-19 Self- Assessment Tool. Where previously individuals would be screened for 3 or 4 symptoms, under the new protocol you may now be screened for any of 15 symptoms.

This may increase the likelihood of more people, including front line staff being out of the workplace until they have been cleared to return. The declaration also allows management to redeploy staff as required.


Has the City declared a state of emergency? Over 240 municipalities and 60 First Nations have already done this across the province.

Yes. Mayor Bill Mauro declared an emergency for the City of Thunder Bay, effective at 2 pm, April 23, 2020, until further notice. Read the media release: COVID-19: Mayor Mauro Declares Emergency.  


Events & recreation facilities

Will spring and summer city events still take place?

Staff are working on contingency plans for the City’s popular summer events series, which are expected to look much different than what we are used to if restrictions around social gatherings continue into the summer months. Public safety continues to be the #1 priority, so staff are looking at various options of delivering events and festive content, including the possibility of virtual programming for events like Canada Day.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide further information on what we can safely provide to citizens. 


Recognizing it is still too early to set a timeline, has the City set any priorities of which types of recreation facilities will be opened first?

No, priorities and timelines for reopening recreation facilities have not been set at this time. The health & safety of staff and participants is the primary focus in planning to reopen recreation facilities and programs. We will continue to comply with provincial and federal orders as well as advice from public health authorities, and are monitoring industry standards as we develop our reopening plans. Details will be communicated as they are confirmed. 

Recreation plays an important role in our community’s mental and physical health as well as our economy.  We look forward to welcoming staff and participants back to our facilities and programs in a safe manner.  


Financial relief

What is the City doing to help its citizens financially? Such as with taxes and utilities?

City Council approved financial relief measures including penalties and interest being waived to assist taxpayers facing financial hardship. The following financial relief is available to residents. View the finanical relief printable PDF.


Property Tax Deadline Deferred to July 8 o Your May 6, tax installment is now due July 8.

  • Customers set-up with pre-authorized payment (PAP) on due date will see their installment come out July 8.
  • Customers with monthly PAP will see no change to scheduled withdrawals unless a change is requested.
  • Effective April – June, if your PAP or cheque is returned the City will waive the non-sufficient funds charge. 
  • To change your PAP, email or call 625-2255.


Additional 90 Days to Pay Water Bill

  • If you are unable to pay your April 14, May 15, or June 15, water bill, you now have an additional 90 days to pay without penalty or late fees.

  • Customers set-up with PAPs (monthly or on due date) will see no change to scheduled payments unless a change is requested.

  • Effective April – June, if your PAP or cheque is returned the City will waive the non-sufficient funds charge. 
  • To change your PAP, email or call 625-2255.


Application Deadline for Tax & Water Credit Programs Extended to Sept. 1

  • The application deadline for the property tax and water credit programs for low-income seniors, low-income persons with disabilities, and low-income persons has been extended to Sept. 1.
  • Learn more at


Arrears & Collections Postponed until Sept. 30

  • Collection work will stop until Sept. 30.

  • Residents will not receive arrears notices or collection calls.


Invoice Payment Period Extended to 90 Days

  • City invoices issued in April, May, and June, will be due in 90 days compared to the usual 30-day payment terms.
  • These include invoices for childcare services, facility rentals, and monthly lease payments.


Fees for Re-Issuing Marriage Licenses & Commissioning Services Waived for 3 Months


Business Permits & License Fees Waived for 3 Months

  • All 2020 business license renewals, including taxi licenses, will not be charged for three months. 
  • Businesses will have an extra three months to pay the license renewal fee


Sign Permit Fees Reduced by 25% for 1 Year


New Community, Youth, and Cultural Funding Program Emergency Fund

  • An emergency fund will assist organizations that are existing recipients of the City’s Community, Youth, and Cultural Funding program. These organizations will be contacted directly.



Because residents are staying home now and potentially using more water, will the city be reducing water rates?

At this time Council has not made changes to our water rate structure in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic.  The water rate approved on March 30th through the user fee by-law aligns with the City's Water Authority Financial plan prepared in accordance with MOE Financial Plan Reg. 453/07. The plan ensures the Water Authority remains financially viable and able to continue to provide safe drinking water for both the short and long term. The plan also limits water cost increases to customers. (By adhering to the financial plan, annual rate increases can be limited to 3- 4% compared to having significant increases in one year).

For example if a water bill is due April 15th, payment can be deferred until July 15th will no penalty. Thunder Bay fares well when examining both municipal taxes, and water/wastewater for the average household as compared to other municipalities. Thunder Bay’s total of $4,683 falls below both the Ontario average of $5,008 and the average for municipalities over 100,000 of $5,149.

Council approved a number of COVID-19 financial relief measures including an additional 90 days for citizens and businesses to pay water bills.  The decisions made by Council to date regarding financial relief related to the COVID 19 pandemic can be revisited at any time.



Is the City doing anything to financially help the Arts & Culture sector?

Council has approved a new Community, Youth, and Cultural Funding Program Emergency Fund.

An emergency fund of $235,000 will assist organizations that are existing recipients of the City’s Community, Youth, and Cultural Funding program. These organizations will be directly contacted with program details in the coming weeks. The source of funding be the City’s Stabilization Reserve Fund.  



Fire ban

Now that the warmer weather is most here is there any way the fire ban can be lifted?

The MNRF has issued a Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) order that includes the jurisdiction of the City of Thunder Bay.  Thunder Bay is compelled to oblige with this order and therefore consistent with the Provincial RFZ, TBFR has suspended all open and recreational burning in the City of Thunder Bay.  Over the last week, TBFR has experienced an increasing number of grass fires.

As the weather warms up, and combustible fuel such as grass and brush becomes more readily combustible, the RFZ becomes even more important than it is now. The intent of the RFZ is to reduce the number of human caused fires. The MNRF want to ensure they have sufficient staff available to conduct suppression efforts. 



With people having more time at home and being able to do more spring cleaning, why is the city not accepting more garbage?

Increasing the amount of garbage accepted at the curb would significantly increase the amount of work and demands on the waste collectors. This could lead to the need to add more staff or more trucks.


Why are they limiting the number of people allowed in at the Landfill?

The City aims to protect the health and safety of both residents and staff. By limiting the number of vehicles allowed into the Landfill, this allows for better physical distancing.  


Geographic location / urban sprawl

Is it your opinion that we in Thunder Bay enjoy a real advantage related to our isolation and sprawl?

While our isolation has delayed a spike in cases and the City’s sprawl may have limited the number of cases to date it will not protect us if the virus get’s into a communal living environment such as a seniors home. We have seen how quickly the virus spread among employees a LacDes Illes Mine. We should not consider our relative isolation and urban sprawl to be an advantage at this point.  


Long-term care homes

Is there a plan to start testing in seniors homes for staff and residents and if so, when will it start?

The Government has developed a COVID-19 Action Plan for protecting long-term care homes which includes enhanced testing guidelines. Testing will take place for all residents and staff in homes in outbreak or where residents and staff exhibit symptoms. As well, surveillance testing will begin in homes with no symptomatic residents or staff. Further details on the implementation plan and timelines will be available shortly.


What can we do to brighten the spirits of Long Term Care resident, especially those that may not have any family?

There is a community call-out for caring cards and penpals to warm the hearts of seniors currently feeling isolated due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions. Pioneer Ridge welcomes letters, cards, and drawings from kids to brighten residents’ rooms and spirits.

To take part, address your letter or card to ‘Dear Resident’ and include an email or return mailing address. The Therapeutic Recreation and Volunteer Services team will review the letters and match the pen pal with a resident.


Mail to:

Pioneer Ridge LTC & Senior Services
750 Tungsten Street
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 6R1
Attn: Lisa Tyance, Supervisor Therapeutic Recreation & Volunteer Services


Or Email:


Could the City consider providing free parking in the Victoriaville and Port Arthur parkade since on-street parking is free?

The free parking on-street at meters (for a max. of 2 hours) was introduced in order to help support local merchants by making it easier for customers to pick up orders. It was not intended to provide free parking to employees working in the area. Surface lots and the parkades were not included as free parking.

Making the Waterfront Parkade free would not direct financial help toward those who need help. Health care workers are certainly highly valued - now perhaps more than ever. But they are working (and very hard at that) unlike many who are not.  There needs are not necessarily financial. Learn more about parking in the A-Z service directory ( under “Parking”.  


Parks, benches, campgrounds, marina

*For the most up-to-date listing of information on City Services visit:


Will campgrounds be open this summer? 

City Campgrounds do not fall under the Provincial emergency orders, however, the Provincial campgrounds are currently closed. The ability to operate campgrounds this season is still being assess; closures will follow Provincial campground closures.


We are boaters and have already paid our docking fees this season. Will we be able to use the boat launch at the Marina?

Boat launches are currently open with restrictions on physical distancing and gathering size.


What are the policies for social distancing for activities in our parks? For example, is canoeing allowed at Boulevard lake? Can we visit Wild Goose beach?

Current social distancing requirement is maximum five people in a gathering and 2m distance from others. No restrictions currently on canoeing, and boat launches remain open. Note that Boulevard Lake will be drained for Dam reconstruction this season. Wild Goose Bay is not located in the City. Beaches would have to following the gathering size and social distancing rules. Staying close to home is widely recommended.


I am a senior who needs a place to sit when out walking. Are there any benches that are still open to the public? 

Benches in Parks and recreational areas are currently closed under the Provincial emergency order. Other benches that are not specifically signed as closed may be used with caution if necessary, understanding that these are not disinfected.


Can you provide clarification on the difference between fields/greenspaces which are open vs. sports fields which are closed?  Some spaces are hard to distinguish between.

Sports fields typically host recreational teams and sports games on them. They are often painted with line markings. All Sports Fields are currently closed to the public under the Ontario Government’s Closure of Outdoor Recreational Amenities Emergency Order.

Greenspaces are typically within parks and are wide open green spaces. Parks, including greenspaces are not closed. They can still be used by the public as long as they follow the gathering size, physical distancing, and amenity closure requirements.  


Vulnerable populations
What is the city doing to house and protect the homeless in our city?

The Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) is working diligently to help protect the homeless population in our city. The City of Thunder Bay is working closely with DSSAB to provide supports where necessary.

DSSAB recently received funding from the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 Residential Relief Fund (CRRF), which will help with protecting the homeless population. In addition, DSSAB has secured approximately 170 hotel rooms to help the homeless population achieve isolation.

It is important to note that beyond DSSAB, there are a number of other organizations in the City of Thunder Bay that are also doing this work and providing support.

At the March 30, City Council Meeting, Council approved a new Community, Youth and Cultural Funding Program Emergency Fund, which will assist organizations providing supports to our vulnerable populations. Approximately $2.7 million goes out to these organizations each year, and this year the City added an additional $235,000.  


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