The Asset Management Plan (AMP) (Version 3 - 2016) gives a high-level view of the state of the City of Thunder Bay's infrastructure as well as management and financial strategies to maintain the infrastructure. The AMP includes the following asset categories:

  • Road Network
  • Sidewalk Network
  • Bridges & Culverts
  • Water Distribution Network
  • Sanitary Sewer Network
  • Storm Sewer Network
  • Facilities
  • Fleet
  • Land Improvements
  • Machinery & Equipment

As of 2021 Thunder Bay is in the process of developing a new Asset Management Plan. Please visit our project page to learn more, and for upcoming public input opportunities.

As the City’s Asset Management process continues to evolve, we can make better informed decisions about where tax dollars should be spent now to make best use of funds to maintain essential services, and strengthen our economy, lifestyle and well-being.



If you require a PDF in an accessible format, please email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.


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