Thunder Bay is developing a new Asset Management Plan.

The Asset Management Plan: Phase One was approved by City Council in December 2021. Phase One of the Asset Management Plan focuses on core assets. A core asset means any municipal infrastructure asset that falls within the following four categories (click each one for more info):

 Transportation Services
 Paved or gravel roads, vehicle, pedestrian, or multi-use bridges, and cross culverts larger than 3 meters in diameter, or multiple smaller diameter cross culverts;
 Stormwater Services
 Assets that relate to the collection, transmission, treatment, retention, infiltration, control, or discharge of stormwater;
 Wastewater Services
 Assets that relate to the collection, transmission, treatment, or disposal of wastewater including any wastewater assets that manage stormwater;
 Water Services
 Assets that relate to the production, treatment, storage, supply, or distribution of water.

The Future-Ready Roadmap

Updated revisions of the Plan will be developed in three phases, each with key strategic actions to comply with the Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperities Act, 2015. The Future-Ready Roadmap was developed, to map out the stops needed to collect, compile, and complete key strategic actions.

The following graphics illustrates the "Steps to Develop the Asset Management Plan" For a larger version, download the "Steps to Develop the Asset Management Plan" PDF.

Steps to develop the asset management plan image

Public Engagement Opportunities

Please visit our project page to learn more, and for upcoming public input opportunities.


As the City’s Asset Management process continues to evolve, we can make better informed decisions about where tax dollars should be spent now to make best use of funds to maintain essential services, and strengthen our economy, lifestyle and well-being.

An Accessible Version of the Asset Management Plan: Phase One is also available.

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