The City budget is more than just numbers—it's the blueprint for the future. Closely aligned with our strategic plan, Maamawe, Growing Together, the City budget is the most important tool we have in making the vision for Thunder Bay a reality. With every dollar that is thoughtfully allocated to fostering growth, enhancing public safety, and fulfilling our community's strategic goals, we are making sure that our city not only thrives today but continues to flourish for generations.

Understanding the Budget

Just like managing a household budget, managing the City's finances involves making thoughtful choices about how to distribute our limited funds, and must find a balance between three key areas: meeting our essential needs, enhancing our quality of life, and preparing for the future.

Taking care of the essentials

In every home, there are essential expenses that must be managed first—such as rent or mortgage, utilities, and groceries. For the City, this is providing essential services like garbage collection, road maintenance and public safety services.

Enhancing quality of life

However, having a quality, fulfilling life involves more than just the essentials. For families and individuals, this might mean spending on leisure activities, home improvements, or cultural outings. For the City, it translates into investments in parks, recreational facilities, and community events. These expenditures, while not essential for survival, significantly contribute to making our city a more vibrant and attractive place to live, visit and invest in.

Planning for the future

Just as a family plans and saves for long-term goals like college funds or retirement, the City plans for future infrastructure needs and improvements through our Asset Management Plan. This plan guides us in maintaining our current assets—ensuring that roads, bridges, and public buildings are kept in good condition—and in budgeting for future replacements and upgrades. This foresight helps us manage costs effectively and ensures our city remains a sustainable and welcoming place for future generations.

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