Mayor C. W. Jarvis sitting for his official photograph wearing a suit and tieCharles William Jarvis was born into a prominent Loyalist family on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) in 1866. Jarvis was educated in P.E.I., worked in the freight offices of the Canadian Pacific Rail in Emerson, Manitoba, and soon after joined the Ontario Bank. In August 1883, Jarvis was relocated to Port Arthur, where he teamed up with private bankers Ray Street & Co. Jarvis became the manager of the company’s Fort William branch in December 1890, and was named an official member of the firm in 1893. He also held the position of U.S. consular agent of Thunder Bay from 1895 until 1913.As Mayor, Jarvis obtained provincial grants for both a hospital and a high school in Fort William, and federal grants for a post office. In December 1911, he was elected to the Ontario Legislature as a Conservative for the Fort William riding. He was re-elected in 1914 and remained in office until an electoral defeat in 1919. During this time, Jarvis secured public buildings for the riding, most importantly the registry office and the experimental and industrial farm in Neebing.

Jarvis successfully ran an insurance business, the Jarvis Agency, with his son Arthur, which was sold in December of 1929. Jarvis was also appointed local master of titles and registrar of deeds by the Ferguson Government in March 1928.

Born: March 16, 1866, in St. Eleanor’s, Prince Edward Island

Died: July 15, 1932, in Fort William, Ontario

Councillor: 1896, 1904-1905

Mayor: 1899-1900

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA): Conservative MLA 1911-1919


Previous Mayor: Mayor John McKellar

Next Mayor: Mayor W. F. Hogarth


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