1. Responds to all alarms of fire or other emergency and operates fire hose lines, nozzles and related hose line adapters and various types of portable extinguishers, as well as hydrants, sprinkler and standpipe connections and other special fire protection systems.
  2. Drives fire apparatus to and from emergency calls, and operates fire pumps to provide fire streams, and at other times, operates controls of aerial ladders.
  3. Carries, places, operates and works from different types of ladders and gains access to buildings or structures by use of forcible entry tools and equipment, while sometimes using various types of protective breathing apparatus when required to work in hazardous atmospheres.
  4. Ventilates buildings and structures by natural or mechanical means; performs rescue and salvage operations while handling tools and equipment pertaining to these operations.
  5. Performs overhauling operations and related functions.
  6. Administers emergency medical care and performs artificial respiration and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation; operates external defibrillator.
  7. Performs extrication practices and special assignments as may be required and operates various types of detection instruments employed by the Fire Department to detect hazardous situations.
  8. Takes general care of and makes minor repairs to tools and equipment; cleans and keeps in good condition, personal protective clothing, vehicles, station, furnishings and grounds of the hall to which assigned.
  9. Participates in Pre-Fire Planning and Home Inspection Program, or any other such public service program as may be adopted by the Department; attends and participates in any training session to which individual or crew is assigned.
  10. Takes such oral, practical or written examination as is stipulated by Department policy.
  11. Performs such other duties as may be directed by superior officers.

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