Edward Street detour- October 2021

There is no service on Edward Street between William Street and Victoria Avenue. 

Route #10- Northwood to College continues on Victoria to James, turns left on Churchill, continues on regular route until Edward, then  detours from Redwood straight through the roundabout and continues on Redwood to Westminster and Ford to William. Route #10- Northwood to City Hall follows this route on the inbound trip. 

Route #5- Edward detours from Edward to James, to Victoria back on Edward both ways. 

Red River Road detours summer 2021

Red River Road will be closed between Cumberland and Court Street effective Friday June 11, 2021 until further notice (Expect to be sometime during the Fall)


Regular Route in and out of Water Terminal for: Hudson and Crosstown

#1 Mainline

  • Southbound : Regular Route
  • Northbound to Waterfront Terminal: Right on Pearl, Left on Water

 #13 John-Jumbo

  • Outbound: Regular Route
  • Inbound: Red River Road, left on Court, right on Camelot, right on Cumberland, left on Van Norman

#3C County Park 

  • Outbound: Right on Van Norman, right on Cumberland, left on Camelot, left on Court, right on Red River Road
  • Inbound: Red River Road, left on Court, right on Camelot

#3M Memorial 

  • Outbound: Right on Van Norman, right on Cumberland, left on Camelot, left on Court, right on Red River Road
  • Inbound: Red River Road, left on Court, right on Camelot

#9 Junot 

  • Outbound: Right on Van Norman, right on Cumberland, left on Camelot, left on Court, right on Red River Road
  • Inbound: Regular Route


Stop #1312- Red River & Court will be moved to Court and Cooke St in front of the Multicultural Building. 

Stop #1355-Red River and St. Paul  and stop #1356-Red River and Court will be removed from service. Passengers can use stop #1204- Court and Red River.

Transit service changes due to COVID-19

Service changes- effective August 29, 2021

Effective August 29- Service changes will be made to all routes. Service frequency on most routes will increase to 30-minutes between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

Routes and schedules

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thunder Bay Transit will be operating adjusted service levels until further notice to best meet fluctuating ridership levels and customer demands. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this time.

The City’s decision to adjust transit hours and frequency is being done in an effort to be vigilant in the City’s response and planning related to declining ridership due to COVID-19. Changes are also being implemented in order to create flexibility to re-allocate additional resources to some of Thunder Bay Transit’s busier routes.

For more information, please visit https://www.thunderbay.ca/en/city-services/service-alerts.aspx.

By-reservation transit service - Route 4

Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020, Route 4 evening service hours will be suspended, and replaced with a dedicated by-reservation evening transit service.

Riders will be required to request their travel arrangements at least one (1) day prior to their trip.

Please contact Thunder Bay Transit’s LIFT+ booking line between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at 345-0777 at least one (1) day prior to your trip to book a reservation.

To allow for physical distancing, vans will carry a maximum of three customers at a time. Due to reduced seating capacity and fluctuating service demands, trips may be limited based on the availability of vans and may be subject to drop off/pick up time adjustments. Seat belts must be worn on all LIFT+ vans.

Help protect drivers and riders

Members of the public are being reminded:

  • use transit for essential trips only (essential workplaces, medical appointments and grocery shopping) 
  • travel directly to your essential destination, do not make unnecessary stops
  • do not use transit if you are feeling unwell
  • board from the back of the bus unless you require the front doors/ramp for accessibility
  • the seats directly behind the bus operator's compartment are not in service
  • practice physical distancing on board the bus
    • stay behind the yellow line
    • maintain a minimum 1-2 metre distance from other riders (2 metres being preferred)

We thank you for your help in stopping the spread of COVID-19 while we continue to operate this essential service for those that need it.

Questions? Call the Thunder Bay Transit customer service line at 684-3744.

For more City updates, please visit www.thunderbay.ca/coronavirus 

As they become available, all service changes will be updated on Nextlift.

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