Children cheering after soccer game

Families who can't afford to put their children in community sports, arts, and cultural activities can apply to PRO Kids for help.

PRO Kids is a registered charity that was created by social agencies, recreation providers, youth and other community members in Thunder Bay in 1998. 20 years later PRO Kids has made over 22,000 placements of kids into activities.

Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in recreation which helps them learn leadership and teamwork skills, make healthy lifestyle choices, build self-esteem, have exposure to positive role models, and follow the rules.

Our vision

That all children and youth in Thunder Bay are able to participate in recreation activities which boost their self-esteem and promote their healthy growth through the learning of new skills, increased knowledge and personal development.

Our purpose

To provide program and financial assistance to as many children and youth as possible who, due to lack of funds, are not able to participate in registered recreation activities.

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