PRO Kids activity partners donate spaces in their programs to PRO Kids. PRO Kids then brokers these registration spaces assigning them to children from families who cannot afford the registration fees. When the free spaces are used, PRO Kids pays for additional spaces in these programs.

PRO Kids does not actually run programs; we match the kids to the activity in the community that they want.

PRO Kids partner list

To see the awesome 200 organizations who are already signed up, check out our PRO Kids Partner List.

Become a PRO Kids partner

You can call us at any time at (807) 625-3212! With a quick call and an exchange of contact information, we can get this partnership underway and help kids in our community.

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How does a partnership work?

It's really easy! At PRO Kids, we organize things on the applicants end. We make sure the family is in financial need by checking their reference once a year and we touch base with new applicants to make sure they know how PRO Kids works.

We then send interested referrals your way in the order in which they applied so that you can accept them on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, say you donate four spaces. These four spaces will be filled first. PRO Kids will then match up to four spaces. This means we would send a list to you of maximum 8 applicants. Any demand above and beyond the first 8 would be discussed to see if numbers are manageable or not.

The number of spaces you decide to donate is completely up to your organization. Most organizations feel most comfortable giving 1% to 2% of total registration. This number can be renegotiated and capped at any time.

Your organization will have to assign one person to be our contact. This is the person that we will send our lists of referrals to.

How do families know I'm a PRO Kids partner?

If you are a PRO Kids activity partner; use our partner stamp on your website or ads. Families in need will know they can apply to PRO Kids for your program! This logo is available in various formats, please contact the PRO Kids Coordinator.

Why should you partner with PRO Kids?

It is a win-win! You will have more kids in your program and have a sense of social responsibility and civic duty fulfillment. Not to mention that you would be providing a child with a positive opportunity to learn new skills, make friends and fit in with all other kids.

For more information check out ours partnership terms and conditions or give us a call!

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.



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