The City of Thunder Bay's monthly Employee Spotlight shares the unique stories of people working behind the scenes delivering programs and services for the residents of Thunder Bay. We recognize and celebrate our employees and invite you to learn more about the great work they do.  

November 1, 2023 feature employee spotlight: Shane Rinne

Shane Rinne
knew he wanted to pursue a career working with water since his postsecondary years. After gaining experience checking bridges and culverts in his previous employment, he applied to the City as a seasonal employee for Water and Sewer North. Here, his strengths in the field advanced, and he became a full-time member of the team in January 2023.

“Every day is different; a new day presents new challenges that require different solutions—it keeps the job interesting,” says Shane.

He credits his diploma and degree in forestry for providing him with a solid starting point to support his career. “The work is so specialized with things changing all the time that there’s a lot to learn both in theory and in practice.”

After the City’s water leaves Bare Point Water Treatment Plant, Shane and his coworkers are responsible for what happens to it on its way to users. If there’s a watermain break or a service leak, they’ll be the ones to fix it. They perform regular water quality checks that includes flushing hydrants and ensuring the water remains safe for residents.

Shane credits his team for sharing their collective knowledge of policies and procedures from their experience on the job. “They’ve been integral to my understanding of how Thunder Bay’s specific water system works and how to keep our City’s water safe and flowing, which is so rewarding.”


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