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What are leadership competencies?

Leadership competencies are a set of defined behaviours that include all related knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes that predict outstanding performance for a leader.

What should I know about competencies?

There are three components to a competency:  the definition, the proficiency level, and the desired behaviours.

  • Competency Definition:
    • The definition captures the essence of the competency: what is being measured and how it helps support the Corporation’s vision, mission, and strategic direction. 
    • The definition clarifies what the competency means and provides context for understanding the different levels of the scale.
  • Proficiency Level:
    • The proficiency levels describe the degree of behaviour associated with a competency. 
    • There is an increase in complexity from one level to the next.
    • The levels are used to show the desired proficiency for effective performance in that position.
  • Desired Behaviours:
    • This term describes a guideline for behaviours that should be seen at that level for that competency.
    • It is recongized that behaviours may vary depending on the position.

What are the City of Thunder Bay’s (CTB) leadership competencies?

There are 11 leadership competencies clustered into 4 groups: 

  1. Strategic Orientation

  2. Leading Effectively

  3. Connecting/Relationship Building

  4. Achieving Results


CTB Leadership Competencies Booklet

Download the information guide to read about the Corporation’s leadership competencies.

This guide will provide the following information:

  1. A Message from the City Manager

  2. Introduction

  3. How to Use the Competencies

  4. CTB Competency Model

  5. CTB Leadership Competencies

  6. Definitions

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