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In Aquatics, Wellness, Children & Youth, there are plenty of amazing opportunities to work in diverse environments doing all kinds of great things!

Become a leader, join our aquatics staff



Picture of lifeguard with information on swim instructor certification. To read more visit the Canada Games Comples, Churchill Pool, or Volunteer Pool websites
















Working and training as a lifeguard is a great way to develop leadership skills, boost confidence and make an impact in the community!

Being a lifeguard and teaching swimming lessons will give you fantastic hands-on experience developing and teaching lessons for people of all ages.

We have pools that operate all year at the Canada Games Complex, Churchill Pool, and Volunteer Pool plus beaches and outdoor pools in the summer. The best part is we offer all the courses you need to begin your experience (Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Assistant Instructor, Swim Instructor/Lifesaving Instructor)! Register today!

Fitness Instructors

If fitness is a passion of yours and you enjoy working with people, being a Fitness Instructor for the Canada Games Complex may be the right thing for you! With a flexible class schedule and multiple rooms, we aim to find something for everybody!

Children and youth jobs

If you enjoy working with children and youth in a variety of environments, we have plenty to offer you! Learn more about our Children and Youth programs. With programming all year around, there is a way for you to exercise your passion for playing games and having fun through Summer Camps, Neighbourhood Recreation, Youth Move, and more! Programming happens at many locations throughout the City so you can always experience new things.

Our summer job positions have been posted! The deadline to apply is Feb 28/19.


All staff working in our children and youth programs are trained in HIGH FIVE. We are a registered organization with HIGH FIVE and provide training sessions for staff and for the public. 

For more information or to apply for a job, please visit the City of Thunder Bay jobs page.


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