Jane's Walk

Supported by the Crime Prevention Council and hosted by local volunteers, Jane's Walks help citizens:

  • Meet neighbours and explore neighbourhoods
  • Share neighbourhood stories with people who live and work there
  • Learn how a neighbourhood changes over time

The annual Jane's Walk is held on the first weekend in May in neighbourhoods throughout the City. The international event celebrates the work of urban activist Jane Jacobs, who promoted the simple yet revolutionary idea that accessible, mixed-use neighbourhoods are key to the health, safety and survival of a community.

How does it fit with crime prevention? Research shows that being seen in your neighbourhood and knowing your neighbours are both key to local safety. A Jane's Walk is one way to encourage people to get out into the community, meet local people and learn more about the area.

The 2018 Jane's Walk was held May 4-6 at various locations in Thunder Bay.

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