Don't Be Trashy

In 2016, the City launched a campaign that focused on reducing litter and promoting pride. Don't Be Trashy focuses on litter in our community and how it is everyone's responsibility to not litter our streets, parks, and waterways.

Non-Trashy Tools

Spring Up to Clean Up 

Since 1997, Thunder Bay residents have taken part in the annual Spring Up to Clean Up event, with nearly 11,000 volunteers taking to the streets and cleaning up more than 250 areas in the city.

As the snow melts, litter comes to the surface in our neighbourhoods and impacts the beauty of our community. To help make our city clean, green and beautiful, residents can participate in Spring Up to Clean Up. The event spans over one month and is funded by the City of Thunder Bay, delivered by EcoSuperior.

You can register your own clean-up activities to take place in`` the month of May. It is a great way to involve families, community groups, workplaces, and schools in the fight against litter.

Individuals or families may watch for litter during evening strolls or weekend jaunts to neighbouring parks. Workplaces often elect to clear a certain area around their premises of litter. Schools can clean up their playgrounds. These are just examples; there are as many possibilities as there are people in our city!

When you register your clean-up activity with EcoSuperior, you'll get everything you need, including clean-up supplies, draw prizes and a public pat on the back on the EcoSuperior website and in local media.


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