A key element of Thunder Bay Crime Prevention's approach to stronger neighbourhoods involves empowering others with information on how to report a safety concern, as well as simple steps individuals can take to improve safety and well-being overall.

Below you will find the following safety resources:

Make the Right Call to Keep Our Community Safe

If you see something happening, say something. Below is a listing of community resources to contact with safety concerns. In case of emergency, call 911, or 684-1200 for non-emergencies.  

 Report Crime Anonymously

 Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477

 Licensed Establishment Concerns

 Alcohol and Gaming Commission 343-7382

 Licensing and Enforcement

 Property Standards, Yard Maintenance, Noise 625-2710

 Animal Services

Lost, stray, other 684-2156

 Discarded Needles

 Superior Points Harm Reduction Program 621-7861 or 621-7862

 24-Hour Crisis Response


 Vulnerable Persons In Need of Assistance

 Street Outreach Service (S.O.S) 620-7678

 Report Racism


 Report Graffiti



Ten Simple Ways to Improve Neighbourhood Safety

In recognition of Thunder Bay’s first Neighbour Day on June 20, 2020, we compiled a list of information that we can all apply towards a safer city.

1.    Know your neighbours. 

2.    Keep up your yard and encourage your neighbours to do the same.

3.    Have someone check on your home when you go out of town. 

4.    Close your windows and blinds at night.

 5.    Improve the lighting on your street.

 6.    Encourage Outdoor Activity.

 7.    Take a Walk in your neighbourhood.

 8.    Know your local police department.

 9.    Organize neighbourhood activities

.10.  Install a security system. 

Download the Ten Simple Ways to Improve Neighbourhood Safety poster.


Homeowners' Guide to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

View our Homeowners' Guide that details simple steps that can help make our communities safer. 

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