The respect. Initiative has partnered with the Crime Prevention Council and Thunder Bay District Health Unit's (TBDHU) for Youth Team to spread the message of respect. to younger people.

We sometimes forget that youth deserve respect just like everyone else.

The TBDHU for Youth Team spoke to youth about what respect. means to them and where they felt they were not given the respect they deserve. The themes of capable, caring, creative and strong were discovered and used to create images and messages for a multi-media campaign launched during Youth Week, May 1-7.

Youth posters - Available upon request.

Caring - respect.

Creative - respect.

Strong - respect.

How adults can help

Youth have shared some simple ways that adults can help:

"An adult can show me respect by..."

  • Supporting me and spending time with me
  • Talking and listening to me
  • Treating me as an equal
  • Not making assumptions about me
  • Smiling at me and being polite

Simple actions can make a world of difference to a young person - and isn't that what respect is all about?

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.


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