The evidence-based 2021-2030 Paramedic Services Master Plan contains a series of recommendations or modules that span a decade.

Related to the Master Plan, we are developing a work plan, which we will bring to Thunder Bay City Council, the legislated authority for Superior North EMS governance, at Committee of the Whole on Monday, June 14, 2021. The meeting is livestreamed and archived for a period. 

We will be updating the analytics associated with the Master Plan this summer and preparing for meetings with core stakeholders this fall, or as soon as it’s possible to meet in person. This will involve discussions with core stakeholders and an opportunity for a deep review of up to date, key analytics including existing and forecast demand.

The Work Plan will consider various sequencing options with core stakeholders and then move forward with an appropriate restructuring pathway to strengthen paramedic service for the long term and achieve our patient-centric principles:

  • SNEMS must deploy its finite resources in a rational and responsible manner that safeguards the greatest number of current and future pre-hospital patients – regardless of where they reside in Thunder Bay or the District.
  • SNEMS is obligated to consider “best efforts” mitigation of any potential adverse impacts on existing communities/populations in the course of its evidence-based deployment of resources.

The first module is North Shore Non-Urgent Transportation, which is partially underway.

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