Cemetery Operator License 3304001

The City of Thunder Bay owns two cemeteries within the City of Thunder Bay: Mountain View Cemetery and St. Patrick's Cemetery, which are located side by side. The cemeteries offer traditional graves, cremation plots, a columbarium wall and carefully landscaped grounds. The cemetery grounds are 73 acres and include six military plots established for those who served in the Canadian military services.


1351 Broadway Ave (corner Highway 61 and Broadway Avenue), Thunder Bay, ON


Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm, closed Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.

Cemeteries are open to the public daily, a half hour before dawn to a half hour before dusk, year round. Please observe physical distancing.

Mailing address/contact information

Mountain View Cemetery
1351 Broadway Ave
Thunder Bay, ON  P7K 1L8

Telephone: 807-625-3014

Fax: 807-475-8537

Email: leadhandmountainview@thunderbay.ca

More information

For more information, download the Bereavement Authority of Ontario's Consumer Information Guide.

Local & regional cemeteries operated by City of Thunder Bay

Under Operator Licence 3304001, the City of Thunder Bay operates five cemeteries in or near Thunder Bay:

Mountain View Cemetery (site 04145) was established in 1884 by Peter and John McKellar. At that time, many burials were relocated from a downtown cemetery located on the bank of the Kaministiquia River near the foot of Donald Street (close to Thunder Bay's City Hall) to Mountain View Cemetery.

St. Patrick's Cemetery (site 04146) was established adjacent to Mountain View Cemetery in 1889 on lands purchased from  John McKellar by the Roman Catholic Clergy of Fort William.

See more on history of Mountain View and St. Patrick's Cemeteries.

The following three regional cemeteries are no longer active:

  • Intola Cemetery (site 04142)
  • Kivikoski Cemetery (site 04143)
  • Sunshine Cemetery (site 04151)



The Rates for Cemetery Services are approved by City Council in the City's annual operating budget.


Limited areas at Mountain View Cemetery are available at-need for traditional and cremation plots. There is no pre-purchasing of in-ground cemetery plots (traditional or cremation). Mountain View Cemetery has pre-need availabilities for double niches in the columbarium wall section of the cemetery.


Cemeteries are legislated under the Ontario Cemeteries Act. The Act empowers cemetery operators with the authority to set specific By-laws for the operations of their cemeteries. The Mountain View and St. Patrick's Operating By-laws are approved by Thunder Bay City Council and enforced by the City's Parks & Open Spaces Section.

Frequently asked questions

When are the Cemeteries open?

Cemeteries are open to the public daily, a half hour before dawn to a half hour before dusk, year round.

Can we drive into the Cemetery?

Yes. Please be careful where you drive and park, as many graves are situated right beside the road.

Can artificial flowers be placed on grave sites?

Yes, according to the Mountain View and St. Patrick's Operating By-laws, artificial flowers may be placed on grave sites after the Thanksgiving weekend and removed by Victoria Day (third weekend in May). Year-round exceptions are saddle-type wreaths attached to the top of monuments and artificial flowers placed in vases permanently attached to the monument.

Are flower beds allowed on grave sites?

Yes, according to the Mountain View and St. Patrick's Operating By-laws, a flower bed is allowed in front of a monument. These flower beds may extend out to a maximum of 45 cm (18") from the monument and not past the ends of the base. Annual and perennial flowers are allowed in these beds. Absolutely no trees or bushes are allowed on any grave site. Please note that all trees planted in the Cemetery are situated on specific sites by Cemetery staff for the enhancement of the cemetery.

Who is responsible for repairing a sunken graves and markers?

Cemetery groundskeepers are responsible for levelling and reseeding of grave lots and all marker maintenance.

How would I find a specific grave site?

The Cemetery office manages the records for all grave sites dating back to 1904 (Mountain View) and 1923 (St. Patrick's) and is in the process of creating a computerized database.

I am interested in doing research on my family history. Whom should I contact?

Call the Cemetery office at 625-3014, or contact the Ontario Genealogical Society - Northern Ontario Branch.

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