Discover how our City's coat of arms was created and what it represents. Thunder Bay Coat of Arms

This is a skillful selection and blending of elements from the Coats of Arms of the former cities of Port Arthur and Fort William which amalgamated as Thunder Bay in 1970. One major new element was added, the Sleeping Giant, in outline, as the base.

Retained from the Port Arthur Arms and signifying the motto, "The Gateway to the West", is "a sun splendor, the face charged with the castellated gateway, the portcullis raised". The wavy blue and white bars below the gateway represent the waters of Lake Superior. Also retained from the Port Arthur Arms is the moose with silver collar, the sheaf of wheat and salmon.

From the Fort William Arms came the Beaver and the North West Company slogan dated from 1783, "Perseverence" and depicted in a scroll emerging from the branches of a pine tree. Also retained from the Shield in Chief of the Fort William Arms is the Voyageur Great Canoe bearing a Northwest Company agent and his paddlers. On the dexter side supporting the shield, stands a Voyageur as he appeared in the Fort William Arms.

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