Explore the City of Thunder Bay Archives' web exhibits to learn about the history of Thunder Bay, Fort William, and Port Arthur.

Women's History Month

Mary J L Black at desk

     Women's History Month: A celebration of the contributions of notable women to Thunder Bay's history.

125 Years of Thunder Bay Transit

Port Arthur Electric Street Railway

125 Years of Thunder Bay Transit: A detailed look into the history of public transit from 1892 to the modern day. 


 Thunder Bay crest

Amalgamation: Plans, suggestions, and controversies leading up to the amalgamation of Port Arthur and Fort William in 1970. 

City Halls of Thunder Bay

New City Hall

City Halls of Thunder Bay: An introduction to the buildings that have served as City Hall for Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay over the years. 

City Parks

 Waverley Park

City Parks: Examines the development of public parks in Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay. 

Emergency Measures in Thunder Bay

Emergency Measures Headquarters

Emergency Measures in Thunder Bay: A look at emergency responses and disaster simulations in the Thunder Bay area. 

Historic Maps

Fort William 1919

Historic Maps: Historical maps of Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay. 

A History of Fire Services

Fire Services

A History of Fire Services: An exhibit detailing the history of the Fire Departments of Fort William and Port Arthur. 

Jeux Canada Games 1981

Choklit with kids

Jeux Canada Games 1981: Explore the world of planning and preparation for this legendary event. 

One Hundred Years of Play

100 Years of Play

One Hundred Years of Play: Celebrating the Playgrounds program since 1914. 

Scouts Canada Jamboree 1997

Bridge on Boulevard Lake

Scouts Canada Jamboree 1997: A look at the event that brought Scouts from around the world to Thunder Bay. 

Time Capsule 1903-1966-2008

Ribbon cutting

Time Capsule 1903-1966-2008: An exhibit of items found in the time capsule recovered from City Hall in the summer of 2008. 

Waterfront History


Waterfront History: Highlights the development of the Waterfront, as a marina and as parkland, from 1967 to 2010. 


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