Explore the City of Thunder Bay Archives' web exhibits to learn about the history of Thunder Bay, Fort William, and Port Arthur.

Women's History Month

Mary J L Black at desk

     Women's History Month: A celebration of the contributions of notable women to Thunder Bay's history.

125 Years of Thunder Bay Transit

Port Arthur Electric Street Railway

125 Years of Thunder Bay Transit: A detailed look into the history of public transit from 1892 to the modern day. 


 Thunder Bay crest

Amalgamation: Plans, suggestions, and controversies leading up to the amalgamation of Port Arthur and Fort William in 1970. 

City Halls of Thunder Bay

New City Hall

City Halls of Thunder Bay: An introduction to the buildings that have served as City Hall for Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay over the years. 

City Parks

 Waverley Park

City Parks: Examines the development of public parks in Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay. 

Emergency Measures in Thunder Bay

Emergency Measures Headquarters

Emergency Measures in Thunder Bay: A look at emergency responses and disaster simulations in the Thunder Bay area. 

Historic Maps

Fort William 1919

Historic Maps: Historical maps of Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay. 

A History of Fire Services

Fire Services putting out a building on fire

A History of Fire Services: An exhibit detailing the history of the Fire Departments of Fort William and Port Arthur. 

Jeux Canada Games 1981

Choklit with kids

Jeux Canada Games 1981: Explore the world of planning and preparation for this legendary event. 

One Hundred Years of Play

One Hundred Years of Play: Celebrating the Playgrounds program since 1914. 

Scouts Canada Jamboree 1997

Bridge on Boulevard Lake

Scouts Canada Jamboree 1997: A look at the event that brought Scouts from around the world to Thunder Bay. 

Time Capsule 1903-1966-2008

Ribbon cutting

Time Capsule 1903-1966-2008: An exhibit of items found in the time capsule recovered from City Hall in the summer of 2008. 

Time Capsule 1995-2020


Time Capsule 1995-2020: An exhibit of items found in the 25th Anniversary Time Capsule, opened on January 1, 2020.

Waterfront History

aerial view of Waterfront

Waterfront History: Highlights the development of the Waterfront, as a marina and as parkland, from 1967 to 2010. 

World War One Thunder Bay Centennial Project

WWI Centennial Project: Stories, displays, exhibits, and more to commemorate WWI. Created in partnership with the Thunder Bay Public Library, City of Thunder Bay Archives, Thunder Bay Museum, Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, Thunder Bay Military Museum, Northwestern Ontario Aviation Heritage Centre, and Lakehead University's Department of History. 


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