Everyone entering the Canada Games Complex must report to the Front Desk. If you have a membership or are registered in a program, please swipe your card each time that you enter the facility for control and security purposes. The card is reusable each session. Please keep it for future use.

We aim to provide a safe family environment, please report any undesirable behaviour to the Front Desk immediately.


Anyone infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on their body will not be allowed in the pool. Everyone must shower before entering the pool.

Pool admission policy

Those who do not meet the pool admission policy will be asked to leave, no exceptions. The admission policy applies to both the main pool and the swirl pool. The admission policy is as follows:

Family swim

  • A guardian age 18 or older must be in the pool with any swimmer under age 18.

Public swim

Children age 6 and under:

  • Must be accompanied in the pool by a guardian, regardless of swimming ability.

Children age 7 to 9:

  • Non-swimmers who are unable to pass the facility swim test must be with a guardian in the pool
  • Swimmers who pass the facility swim test may swim unaccompanied

Children age 10 and up:

  • May swim unaccompanied during the public swim
  • Must be able to swim comfortably to access the deep end, although the swim test may be required at the discretion of the lifeguards.


  • May be age 13 and older to have a ratio of 1 guardian per 2 children.
  • May be age 18 and older to have a ratio of 1 guardian per 4 children.

Guardians must be in the pool with the children and are responsible for their direct supervision.

Facility swim test

To pass the swim test, a swimmer must be able to:

  • Swim 25 meters non-stop, on their front with their face in the water for a portion of the time

What to wear

Proper attire must be worn while using our facilities.

What to wear at the pool

  • Swimsuits or clean hemmed shorts and/or a clean t-shirt.
  • Children who are not toilet trained, must wear swimmer pull-ups (ex. Huggie's Little Swimmer, Gabby's Pool Pant). As well as a plastic cover over top that can be purchased from the front desk. No disposable or cloth diapers are permitted.

What to wear for the fitness areas

  • Shirt and shorts or track pants and clean athletic footwear.
  • No sandals or street clothing.

Children age 4 or older are required to use the change room designated for their gender. We offer a change room for adults with children of the opposite sex. Please ask at the Front Desk.

Admission to other fitness areas

Children age 8 to 12 must be accompanied by a participating individual age 19 or older (some restrictions apply). Children must be age 13 and up to use fitness areas unsupervised - proof of age will be required.

For the safety of the children and other users, no children age 12 and under are allowed in the Weight Room. Locker room must be used prior to entering any workout area/room.

Avoid thefts:

  • Lock your locker
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Day lockers and locks are available at Front Desk
  • Locks left on overnight will be removed.

Be aware that there is an inherent risk when participating in any physical activity. Consult your physician before beginning any physical activity. Patrons with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by another person knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision.

Use of cell phones are prohibited.

If rules are not adhered to, user privileges will be restricted.

Frequently asked questions

Why do children under the age of 7 years using the pool and children aged 7 to 9 years who are non-swimmers, need to be supervised?

This policy is for the safety of the children. The implementation of this standard has been strongly recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Health, which regulates the operation of public swimming pools.

If children 9 years of age or younger are not accompanied by a guardian or adult, what will happen?

They will be tested in the pool, but if unable to comfortably swim 25 meters of the pool, they will be asked to leave.

Why are children 12 years and under not allowed in the Weight Room?

This policy is for the safety of the children and other users in the weight room. Weight training is a skilled activity that requires physical and mental maturity.

Why are children 7 years and under not allowed in any fitness area?

This policy is for the safety of the children and other users. Equipment is specifically designed for adult users. Babysitting is available for children 8 years and under.

How will the facility check ages?

The age will be checked at the desk and identification may be asked for.

Where do I put my valuables and my clothes?

Day lockers are available in each of the change rooms. Please bring your own lock and remove it when you leave. Locks are available for rent. Yearly rentals are available for members only. Do not leave money or valuables in the change rooms. Our staff is not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen.


If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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