Canada Games Complex is now open and we are happy to welcome you back! Please note there are a few new protocols in place in order to follow Provincial guidelines for reopening aquatics facilities. 


Pre-screening is required prior to entry. You can help reduce line-ups by filling out the online pre-screening tool prior to your visit. Paper copies will also be available at the entrance.

Pre-booking swim times

All swim times, squash courts and fitness classes must be pre-booked. Please note the following limitations for booking based on individuals or families.

Shallow End (weekdays)

  • Permits 1 person per booking

Shallow End (weekends)

  • Permits 1 person per booking

Deep End 

  • Permits 1 person per booking

Family Swim/Swirl (weekdays)

  • Permits 1 family per booking
  • Maximum of 5 people per family booking
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the water by someone who is 18+ during family swim times
  • Weekday hours: Monday to Friday, 9-10am, 11-4pm, 8-9pm

Family Swim/Swirl (weekends)

  • Permits 1 family per booking
  • Maximum of 5 people per family booking
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the water by someone who is 18+ during family swim times
  • Weekend hours: Saturday/Sunday 12-9pm


  • Permits 1-2 people per lane
  • Maximum 2 people, must be from same household

Teen Swim

  • Teens 13+ may book the shallow or deep end (if competent in deep water) without a guardian 18+ during teen swim times. 
  • Booking slots are 1 hour and you must remain in the area of the pool you have booked.
  • Teen swims are Monday-Thursday 7-10pm, Friday 7-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 12-9pm. Select either the shallow end or deep end in the links above to book a time slot within these hours.
  • Outside of designated Teen Swim hours, teens will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is 18+.

Fall Programming

View the Fall Program Registration package for details on all aquatics programs and more! As we work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, aquatics programs will look a bit different. In order to maintain social distancing:

  • Lessons will be private or semi-private until further notice.
  • Children who are at a Swimmer 4 level or lower will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water for the duration of the lesson. Based on the guidelines from the Lifesaving Society, this in-water support from the parent or guardian will be applied in order to maintain a 2-meter social distance, keep the instructors and swimmers safe, and to continue to provide safe and effective in-water teaching.
  • Children who are at a Swimmer 5 level or higher will be free to attend their lesson without the in-water support from a parent or guardian*.

*This will be at the instructor's discretion. If they feel the child needs assistance from an in-water parent/guardian, you will be notified.

Register for Swim Lessons

To register for swimming lessons, please call the registration hotine at 625-8463 starting September 17. To pre-book other swim activities, call 684-3311 as of September 21.

For a listing of swimming lessons see the Fall Program Registration package. To determine what swimming level you should enroll in, visit our Swimming Programs page which contains full descriptions.

Swimming Schedule 

The following schedule will be implemented upon reopening during the week of September 21-25. Swim activities must be pre-booked by calling 684-3311 as of September 21.


Shallow End: 5:45am-10am, 11am-4pm, 8pm-10pm

Lanes: 8am-4pm, 8pm-10pm

Deep End: 5:45am-9am, 10am-5pm, 8pm-10pm 


Shallow End: 5:45am-10am, 11am-4pm, 8pm-10pm

Lanes: 8am-4pm, 8pm-10pm

Deep End: 5:45am-9am, 10am-4pm, 7pm-10pm 


Shallow End: 5:45am-10am, 11am-4pm, 8pm-9pm

Lanes- 8am-4pm, 8-9pm

Deep End- 5:45am-9am, 10am-5pm, 7pm-9pm


Shallow End- 8am-9am, 12pm-9pm

Lanes- 11am-9pm

Deep End- 8am-10am, 12pm-9pm


Shallow End: 8am-10am, 12pm-9pm

Lanes: 8am-9pm

Deep End: 8am-9am, 10am-9pm

At the Canada Games Complex, we offer fantastic Aquatic programs for people of all ages, from swimming lessons to leadership courses. These programs include:

  • Lifesaving Society Parent & Tot Program
  • Lifesaving Society Preschool Program
  • Lifesaving Society Swim Program
  • Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol Program
  • Lifesaving Society: Lifesaving, Lifeguarding & Leadership Programs
  • First Aid & CPR Training

We also have a flexible recreation swim schedule to accommodate community needs every day of the week. Take a look at the user policy for more information on swim types, age restrictions and other helpful information. Note that some programs are currently not running due to COVID-19.

About the pool

The 77-metre pool is divided by two bulkheads, accommodating three sections for recreational fun and games, lessons, lane swimming and diving activities. The water depth ranges from very shallow at .83 metres to very deep at 4.94 metres. This allows the very young to touch bottom while learning to swim.

The Swirlpool is a favourite place to relax in warmer water while the hydrotherapy water jets create a spa-like feeling for young and old. The water depth ranges from 30 cm to 80 cm.

The pool decks are exceptionally wide to accommodate badminton, table tennis, children's play equipment, social area and our Birthday Party Places. Permanent bleachers with a capacity of 800 are located off the pool deck. The Complex is also home to the Thunderbolts Swim Club.

The Thunderslide

The Thunderslide is 73 metres of fun and excitement. It starts with amazing speed from the 10-metre tower and travels a figure-8, emptying with a tremendous splash into the pool. Riders can be seen through the translucent fibreglass material, providing a spectacle for all onlookers.


Our diving tower has three platforms: 5 metre, 7.5 metre and 10 metre, plus two 3-metre and two 1-metre springboards.

The Thunder Bay Diving Club programs provides recreational and competitive diving opportunities, plus Learn-To-Dive-Programs. Visit the Thunder Bay Diving Club for more information.

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist at 807-625-2240 or email


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