The Active Transportation Plan was approved by City Council in 2019 as an update from the original 2008 document. It is intended to chart network improvements, policies and programs that will encourage and support active transportation through 2038 (and beyond). Active transportation includes walking, cycling and other human-powered ways of getting around such as wheelchairs, skateboards, scooters, and others. This plan has been prepared as part of the Thunder Bay Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

It is guided by a vision, principles, and goals.


Through leadership, planning, and community partnerships, Thunder Bay is a healthy, accessible, environmentally sustainable community, where active transportation is a key component of a safe, innovative, integrated transportation system that links where we all live, work and play.


  • Safety
  • Promotion and Education
  • Inclusive/Diversity
  • Connectivity/Access
  • Aesthetics
  • Supportive Amenities/Facilities
  • Sustainability


Improved safety for people doing active transportation

  • Create a safe multi-use trail system using Provincial and Federal safety guidelines
  • Use the latest, modern design guidelines in building our walking and cycling facilities

Increase the number of people walking, biking, or traveling by active transportation

  • Promote the health benefits of using active transportation
  • Make active transportation fun
  • Make trail system is user friendly
  • Make all facilities age-friendly
  • Comply with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 - AODA

Develop infrastructure that supports active transportation

  • Develop a system of route signage and wayfinding
  • Link the cycling and transit systems; make trails and routes convenient to all neighbourhoods
  • Link the commuter system with the trail system
  • Create and install bike racks, benches, end of trip facilities, and secure storage
  • Strategically develop the system, including expansion into new developments, maintenance, and improvements

Develop policies that support active transportation

  • Take a whole system approach to managing streets and public land in transportation planning

Develop community partnerships to help implement a dynamic and sustainable active transportation plan

  • Create a long-term active transportation plan with community input and partnership support
  • Get ongoing financial support and commitment from the City of Thunder Bay

Get active

The City keeps an Active Transportation Facebook page with photos, links to cool articles, news, and special events. It is a great way to keep in the loop.

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