In response to the barriers identified in the internal audit, a five year Age Friendly Action Plan was developed to address the needs of older adults, and to provide opportunities for older adults to live in a safe environment and to participate in activities of their choice, whether recreational, social and/or intergenerational. This five-year plan was approved by City Council as Committee of the Whole on June 22, 2015.

The City also supported the Age Friendly Thunder Bay Steering Committee in its successful application for an Age Friendly Planning Grant of $50,000 from the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat for development of a community-wide plan by March 2017.

This Action Plan is related to actions that are the City's responsibility and does not address community wide actions that may also need to be taken to achieve a fully Age Friendly community.

As the baby boom population ages, the City of Thunder Bay is adapting and refining its services to continue to provide all residents with an enhanced quality of life. It is projected that older adults, 60 years and over, will make up 33% of the District of Thunder Bay population in 2036. These adults will have varying income levels, diverse language, cultural identity, disabilities, and interests.

In November 2011, the City of Thunder Bay was accepted as a member of the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities. In order to maintain its membership, the City requires an Age Friendly Action Plan. The Age Friendly City Services Action Plan Report incorporates not only a five year Age Friendly Action Plan but also, a summary of an internal age friendly audit of municipal service, programs and facilities which was completed prior to development.

Internal age-friendly audit

The internal age-friendly audit of the "essential features of an Age Friendly City" was an evaluation of the ability of municipal services, programs and facilities to meet the diverse needs of and provide varied opportunities for older adults. Overall, it was found that while many issues need to be addressed, the City of Thunder Bay management team had a strong understanding of the concerns and needs of older adults and was already addressing or had plans in place to address a number of the concerns. The essential features are established by the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities.

Special thanks

Special thanks to the Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH), the Age Friendly Steering Committee and Members of Administration who participated in the development of this Plan. To learn more about community efforts, visit Age Friendly Thunder Bay.


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