Corporate Energy Management is responsible for budgeting and monitoring the City of Thunder Bay's corporate energy use, and for creating a culture of conservation and responsible energy use within City operations.

This multi-dimensional approach to energy management is supported through verification of use, conservation practices, and implementation of energy efficient initiatives.

In 2023, Ontario’s Ministry of Energy and Electrification enacted a new regulation under the Electricity Act, 1998, entitled O. Reg. 25/23: Broader Public Sector: Energy Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans, that requires public agencies to demonstrate the leadership role government plays in energy conservation by developing and implementing energy conservation plans.

Public agencies, including municipalities, are also required to report annually on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for prescribed facilities and operations.

Corporate Energy Management Plan

In June 2024, the Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plan 2024-2029 was approved. The plan outlines strategic initiatives to manage corporate energy consumption and build upon the successes of past reduction initiatives.

The ECDM Plan 2024-2029 aligns the City’s previous Corporate Energy Management Plan initiatives with the goals and targets of the City’s Net Zero Strategy.

Click the link below to view the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan:

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