Corporate Energy Management is responsible for the budgeting and monitoring of the City of Thunder Bay's corporate energy use and for creating a corporate culture of conservation through employee awareness and engagement that ensures the wise use of energy. This multi-dimensional approach to energy management is supported through verification of use, conservation practices, and implementation of energy efficient initiatives.

In 2018, the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines enacted a new regulation under the Electricity Act, 1998 titled O. Reg. 507/18: Broader Public Sector: Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans that requires public agencies to demonstrate the leadership role government plays in energy conservation by developing and implementing energy conservation plans.

Under O. Reg. 507/18, all public agencies are also required to report annually on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for prescribed facilities and operations.

Energy reporting and conservation planning helps the City of Thunder Bay to:

  • Manage energy use and costs;
  • Identify best practices and energy saving opportunities;
  • Evaluate and compare energy consumption; and
  • Set goals and measure success.

Vision statement

Through the wise use of energy, employee engagement and awareness, and alignment with Asset Management Plans, the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay will continue to transition to a carbon neutral future while maintaining Council approved service levels.


Continuous Improvement and Innovation - Enhance energy practices to maximize efficiency and gain value. Ensure that Energy Management complies with City of Thunder Bay policies and guidelines as well as applicable standards and legislation.

Accountability - Ensure that energy operations address asset management priorities and are based on realistic assumptions. Maintain information systems to support service delivery goals.

Growth and Development - Continuous support and development of Energy Management is an ongoing commitment for the Asset Management Division, Community Services Department and the City of Thunder Bay as a whole.

Corporate Energy Management Plan

In June 2019, Thunder Bay City Council approved the Corporate Energy Management Plan 2019-2024. The plan outlines strategic initiatives to manage Corporation energy consumption and create a culture of conservation to ensure the wise use of energy within all corporate operations.

Compliance with O. Reg. 507/18 for the development of a Conservation and Demand Management Plan is administered through the following framework for energy management:

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission Report

Compliance with O. Reg. 507/18 for the submission of the annual energy consumption and greenhouse (GHG) emissions report is available below:

The following Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports are prepared from an Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines issued template, therefore the PDF documents might not be fully accessible for use with assistive technology. A paper copy is available at the Office of the City Clerk, located on the third floor at City Hall, 500 Donald St. E., Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5V3.

If you require a PDF below in an accessible format, please email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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