EarthCare Sustainability Plan

The EarthCare Sustainability Plan 2014 - 2020 builds a vision for a more sustainable Thunder Bay.

Local action is one of the most meaningful and effective ways of addressing the challenges we face at a global scale. It also has the co-benefit of creating a more livable community.

The EarthCare Sustainability Plan is a living document that guides the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, and the community, in reducing GHG emissions and creating a more sustainable future. It reflects the need for both mitigation and adaptation, and will take our community from 2014 to 2020.

The Sustainability Plan was produced from the community, and so the success of its implementation comes from the community. While the City of Thunder Bay is the keeper of the plan, the plan is multi-sectoral in that many of its actions are aimed at individuals, businesses, institutions, organizations, and the local government. There is a role for everyone in its implementation.

How can you get involved with EarthCare in this important journey towards a more livable and sustainable Thunder Bay?


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